Lamb and rice

I don't know what is different with this flavour food but my dog doesn't like it. I ended up giving away best part of a 15kg sack.


Better than other joint diets

After three years of feeding another joint product as per my vets advice, I switched to this food and my labrador was transformed in 10 days back to her playful days at 8 years of age


James Wellbeloved is well beloved by Barney!

My 2yr oldLabradoodle has had this dry food for a year.. He is thriving on it. I top it with some wet food. His coat is shiny. His eyes are bright and he has loads of energy!

12/22/17 | Lou Armstrong

James Wellbeloved Adult

My dogs thrive well no matter what the flavour..... I will never order from Amazon again.

02/08/17 | Simon gee

Spot on

Very high quality dog food


Two very contented dogs

Both of our dogs have eaten this since day 1, moving from puppy lamb and rice to the adult version of the same flavour. Both dogs are happy, satisfied (although Dalmatians are complete scroungers whatever you feed them) and are in really good health.

02/05/17 | oliver peacock

lamb and rice is very nice

my dogs love james wellbeloved lamb and rice it is there favourite dogfood.


My dog disliked the James wellbeloved lamb and rice.hence the low rating.

My Greyhound, Guy, took a disliking to the lamb, having had the fish variety he did well on, but to give him some variety switched to the lamb, he at first tried it, but refused to eat it avter a while, i have tried to add some wet food to it to alter its tast a little but all he seems to do is rumidge through it to eat the canned food and leaves the lamb rice kibble. I will not be wasting my money on this product in future. Will probably go back to the fish based one instead which I found to be excellent.

12/07/15 | Emily

So glad I switched to this!

It was recommended I reduced the protein in my collie's diet as he was drinking a lot of water and at 9 months he didn't need puppy food anymore or as much. This food is 20% protein (from good sources) compared to the 32% for his old food, which he'd stopped enjoying anyway. Opened his first bag of this and could smell the lamb in it straight away and he gobbled his bowl of food for the first time in weeks. He isn't a greedy dog and easily bores of kibble, but not this one!

05/03/15 | Sandy

well (b)loved

Apart from the odd treat my Westie won't eat anything other than these healthy pouches. None of the nasty skin trouble which Westies are prone to. Shiny eyes, thick coat and full of life. Pouches are so easy to carry when travelling too!

06/21/14 | Tracy B

A fantastic product

Put both my adult dogs onto this food & they are happier, healthier, have more energy, love meal times like never before & no more stomach upsets. Delighted!

06/08/14 | wendy hamlyn

my best friend

I have raised 3 schnauzers' on this product. all have thrived and have excellent skins and coats. there tums are great and all been very healthy, I would recommend to anyone who's dog is of a delicate tum or itchy skin. good value and product

05/01/13 | Mrs Lindsay Cooke

A Black Labrador and James Wellbeloved.

Anyone who owns a Labrador knows they live for food. Duchy lives fior his daily bowl of J.B. His coat shines and he is always bouncing with energy. If I ran out of my supply he would lose the will to live so knowing I can order a new bag at a reasonable price means he is always a happy and healthy boy.


Dog is thrilled with this! So am I!

Today my dog was glad to see the postman for the first time! He bounded up to this box, opened it himself, and would have opened the bag of food if left to it. He has not done this with other dog foods I have had delivered. I showed him he would get this as a reward for obedience, and he obeyed, so I love it too!

10/08/12 | jane

millie/ lola

I have 2 dogs a shar-pei and a staffy now both love this and have had no problems what so ever vet said best shar-pei he has seen in a long time coat glossy.lola loves this varity BUT seems to be not so good with the duck.so we have learnt now not to buy the duck but stick with the others I would try all flavours if poss before giving up on the brand best thing I have done


Healthy dogs!

My German Shepherds both eat this food and have a fabulous glossy, silky coat. One is all black and the other black and tan so their coats are different but they look fantastic! The black one is 7 and a half and has eaten it all his life. The B&T is 5 but we have only had her for 3 years. When she came to us she was thin with a very dull, patchy coat. Both are still like puppies in their engergy levels and playfullness.They don't eat anything else other than denta stix and bonio biscuits so James Wellbeloved must take most of the credit for our dogs health!

01/30/12 | melody

flavour choice

my dog has always had a really bad stomach so we tried james wellbeloved turkey flavour. we were on it for a few months but her tummy never seemed to get better. we switched to the lamb flavour and as if by magic her poo's are nice and firm and a good colour! will definately stick to the lamb variety from now on! she loves the food and we have a lamb pouch of JWB in the evenings with the dry which she goes crazy for!


Not for us...

Although this food was recommended by numerous people it just didn't suit my german shepherd dog. He absolutely loved eating it and although we kept him on it for 2 months his stomach never settled. I eventually decided to try another brand and so pleased I did. Within a week of changing his food he had solid poos & a fabulous coat. I really wanted to like this product as it is good quality but I suppose it's just not right for every dog.


Reliable choice

My dog has a very weak stomach and as a result we have to be careful what we give him, but this product seems to suit him very well. He loves the flavour and it can be mixed with water to make it easier for him to eat.

12/17/10 | mrs l causey

top marks for delivery

excellant delivery service straight to my door my westie has skin alergies and has been on atopica with vet for years this just controls her alergies so im trying this food because i have heard excellant reviews about it i will get back when she has been on it for about 3 months

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