06/22/20 | JC

Cosma Snackies

2 cats - 1 huge tom, son of his Mother who's a petite Cali-Tort Elgar eats just about ANYTHING he rushes in at the sound of the bells on the kitchen door, as well as shaking a tube of treats. For hom it's any floavour as long as it's plentiful & NOW!! Arya his mother has taken a phenominally long time to catch on to these treats & she prefers Chicken so I tend to have a cat either side of me, handing Chicken to Arya & anything else (Duck, Tuna, Beef etc!) to Elgar!

11/29/19 | Cathy Davidson

Great Treats

Both my cats love these. As soon as they hear the tub being open they come running.

01/18/19 | Jenn

Packed to the brim!

Perfect size for my cat and I. I use them in puzzle games and as there not to big it’s easier to train as there eaten quicker.