04/27/22 | Marissa

Provoquin Diarrea

It is a shame because my case likes the smell and he was very happy to see that I was opening the cans for him, however, he was having diarrhoea. Something that never happened before in his case. He has pancreatitis and he needs to eat special food. I found that product saying that would help with pancreatitis disease. I don't think so. So the smell and the taste I guess is good as my cat was very happy eating it, but the smell of the poo and the diarrhoea created was not very good.

04/09/22 | Nana

Working :)

My cat was diagnosed with big colon. It seems working and he does enjoy it. He also has to lose weight a little despite his appetite. I tried other gastrointestinal diet food but the meat contains is so little but just gravies. So the volume of contains satisfy him.

03/06/22 | Jaymo Wilko

Still loose

I purchased this tinned gastro food for 2 if cats with soft stools, unfortunately it gave one of them even worse diarrhea! Horrible beige coloured and smelly! They really don't want to eat it either and if they are offered just this food they will definitely become malnourished as they really don't want to eat it. Best avoid this and the vets are no help either


Helped his diarea at last!

This helped my kitten diarea to stop as he was only on raw food when first brought him home. Vet after vet with expensive brands of gastro I got this from zooplus thanks so much what a help he eats very fast as well! You can give few times a day of the tin and small portions it's apsolute life saver!


Perfect for the Ragdoll breed

I’ve struggled to get a food that don’t upset my Ragdolls tummy’s, the breed is known for sensitive guts, I was worried about trying this after trying a few different foods I wasn’t expecting much joy from it, but to my delight it’s perfect all my Ragdolls and maine coon’s love it and no more runny tummy’s, wish I found this food ages ago! I definitely recommend

10/30/21 | Krasimira


I am really disappointed with this food. All of my 3 cats refused to eat and I wasted my money trusting reviews here. Please think twice before ordering this!

07/29/21 | Andrea


After trying all the top brands of very expensive food only to be binned as he wouldn’t eat any of them , finely he’s eating again !! I’m over the moon with this food . Both my cats are on it now . :)


Absolutely love it!

One of our cats loves eating but always gets diarrhea, no matter what food we give him. This is the first food that hasn't given him even a hint of diarrhea. He seems fitter and much happier. He is eating both wet and dry food again, and he absolutely loves it. So does our other cat, who doesn't have any issues. It seems to be very tasty, because he hasn't noticed that he's eating a specialised food and always finishes his bowl. Highly recommended!


No difference

I bought this based in the reviews, but it has not worked on my foster cats diarrhoea issues, it in fact made it worst, but, My foster cat throughly enjoyed this


Cats love this

My oldest cat has developed some gastrointestinal issues , I have tried all of the veterinary diets and he hated them , tried this one and he loves it and it has helped his issues and my other two cats want to eat it too

06/04/21 | Lesley Shale

Excellent food

My elderly cat refused any other gastrointestinal food until offered this one. She will be 16 soon, had lost weight and also has asthma. Two months after starting this food she has gained 1kg, much to my vets surprise. She is doing so much better and her quality of life is really good now. Highly recommend.

04/27/21 | Lesley

Eating at last!

This veterinary diet food has got my nearly 16yr old cat eating again. She has put weight back on and I'm delighted. Other similar food was shunned as far too bland.


Good replacement for Kattovit Gastro

Since Kattovit changed their recipe for the worst, my cat can't tolerate their food at all. I have been scrambling desperately to find a replacement ever since. This food has good ingredients and is great for pancreatic issues. His stool has regained its normal colour and consistency, and it doesn't stink to high heaven as much as before. It is a little expensive mind.

03/26/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great for liver and pancreas problems

Very well accepted, easy to stomach. Stool became firmer almost instantly, the terrible smell improved as well. I add turkey and chicken to make it a little more special.

03/24/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

Fussy Siamese pensioner likes it

I have tried lots of different brands, and our Siamese has rejected almost everything so far. This stuff he at least eats from time to time. It's hard to tell whether it is helping him with his pancreatitis. Points taken off for the extremely high price and the size of the tins. Smaller portions would definitely be better, at this price it's really irritating when the food goes bad.

03/14/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

Good against diarrhea, digestive issues

This food comes highly recommended. No sugar, no grains, no gluten, and easy to digest. My cat suffers with digestive issues and constantly has diarrhea. Finally all that is in the past thanks to this food. Thank the stars. One more tip: I give my cat a Kattovit drink alongside this and she has really improved since then. She used to be so skinny and had severe bouts of diarrhea.

02/02/21 | originally published in zooplus.de


I was using the food my vet recommended for several weeks without seeing any results. This was my last hope, and unbelievably it did the trick, after just a few days my cat's diarrhea had noticeably improved and after a week her stool was almost completely normal. She loves the food and eats 4 tins a day. She's putting on some healthy weight, I would definitely recommend it.


Eaten with pleasure and it helps

We get a lot of cats with diarrhea at our animal sanctuary, and it often sticks around after a parasite treatment. This food genuinely helps by improving digestion, and it seems to taste good too.

10/29/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Finally some food that helps!

We have an 11 year old cat with digestive issues. It has been harder and harder for him to have his poo recently. After two scary episodes, lots of nerves and anxiety, we finally switched to this food for good. After less than a week she was back to regular stool and the dandruff had almost completely disappeared. Now all three of our cats eat this food and all of them are in great shape and have smooth, silky fur. Fantastic!

07/28/20 | Chris

God send....

Have a cat who is pushing 20 years old and who has suffered from keep food down and passing it through other end for quite a while. The switch to these specialist foods have had an amazing impact on his health and his bowel movements. The change was immediate too.

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