Perfect for Pooches

Well packaged, plenty of nutritional info. Our labrador lives it and it does what it says on the bag. our boy has lost the 3kgs he needed to and by upping his daily amount he is now maintaining. the staff on the burns helpline have given me some terrific advice. Well impressed.

05/10/22 | Agnieszka Dobrzynska

Staple food for my bulldog

I tried many different brands of dog food - grain free , cold pressed pellets , high meat kibbles , vegetarian options ..and I find Burns to be the best option for my dog - only few ingredients, low fat , easy to soak in water , high in oats so perfect as a mixer with wet food .i buy solely this food and I won’t change it .

02/16/22 | Agnieszka Dobrzynska

Great low fat dog food

My dog eats Burns dry dog food well , simple natural ingredients, low fat and calories content , price is not to bad

10/15/21 | Agnieszka Dobrzynska

low fat , light weight kibbles

I kept my dog on this food for over a year as I wanted my dog to loose weight , its low fat , light weight kibble with only few ingredients so very good for dogs with sensitive stomach like my bulldog . my dog enjoyed this food . I trust this brand


Not for old dogs

I think it's overall an ok product for overweight young dogs but unsuitable for an old dog with weak teeth. I had to spray these treats with water and leave to soak so she could eat them.



Excellent service with good pricing

07/03/19 | Mary Follett-McLellan

Sharp bits on most kibbles

I have been buying Burns for eight years but the last two bags of 15kg size have pin like pieces sticking out of them. I am guessing that these are bits of oats but they were never there on all previous purchases.The dogs still says them but not with as much relish as they used to and I think the kibbles are sharp in their mouths.Definitely not the same high quality as before. I may have to change their food if this doesn't improve. Very disappointed.

07/12/18 | Beckyy

Great for puggles & anal glands!

My 3 year old puggle struggled terrible with his anal glands and weight. tried JWB and he just seemed always hungry and going to the toilet all the time. i thought i would give burns a try. he has been on this 4 weeks now. no anal gland issues, and he is on his way to losing weight ! he wasnt fussed on the food when i first presented it, although i mix with some warm water to make the food moist and its all gone in minutes! highly recommend trying!!


So far so (very) good

I switched from Royal Canin Sensitivity to this one as I don’t trust entirely what they put in the Royal Canin pellets. It worked so well from the very beginning! I was actually impressed as my dog - who is now 13.5 - has a very sensitive tummy. In less than a week he was on this food with no problem at all. I continue to add to it Profibre.


No good for anal gland problems!

My labradane has no end of trouble with anal glands. Bought this as it states that it firms stools and good for anal gland problems. All it did was give him VERY soft stools and made problem worse. I also tried it out on my staff/mastiff cross with the same result. Eventually I gave the food to my mum for her retriever, who also ended up with soft loose stools. The only plus side is that my constipated patterdale terrier can now poop a little more comfortably, as her stools are softer on it!

06/01/17 | Suzanne Winter

Does what it says and more

My rescue dog was constantly hungry and came to me significantly overweight from a foster home. Since being on this Burns weight control she's dropped 3 kilos and her coat is like burnished gold! She's still a forager and on the look out for more food but not anywhere nearly as much as before.

05/15/17 | Hank.

Very Impressed .

I used to feed my dog Bakers complete until a friend advised me not too. He has always struggled with his weight, so I decided to change his diet. Marvin, my 4 year old Jack Russell x has been on Burns weight control for only 2 months, and already gone down in weight from 13.4 kg to 12.2 kg .He loves this food (But to be fair , loves any food). He is a completely different dog, more energetic and very happy. I can't recommend this enough.

07/29/15 | Kate Calley


Berkeley, our collie/lab has lost 3 kilos!! Amazing! He's now happy, healthy and a lot sleeker thanks to Burns Weight Control chicken and oats. We've struggled with his weight most of his adult life and finally decided to try this food several months ago and the result is fantastic. He enjoys it and is happy and in good condition for his age (coming up to 12). Our little Jack Russell also has it and in fact she actually turns her nose up at anything else. So grateful thanks to Burns!

05/22/15 | Diane Craig

Fantastic Food for Two Greedy Little Dogs

I originally started my two little Cavalier spaniels on the basic Burns chicken and brown rice which they loved but unfortunately like most cavaliers they're prone to put on weight especially when they've been neutered, so I changed to the Burns chicken and oats weight control and it's made such a difference, they are now in great shape and have so much energy, which is obviously great for there health.


Excellent food

I have 2 labradors and like all labs they are greedy and tend to put on weight. The 9 year old also doesn't run around much - prefers to mooch. With this food I can give him slightly more so he feels full but doesn't put on weight. Very good price.

01/07/15 | Sandra Willis

Archie can run now!

We rescued Archie two years ago. He was around 10 years old, Jack Russell Corgi cross. He had so much fat on him that the vet could not feel his internal organs! He weighed 14.5kg. Now, thanks to Burns Weight Control, Archie is a slim 9.5kg who can bounce about and run like a puppy. He isn't 2 years older but about five years younger and as a dog who enjoys his food, he can eat a proper Burns meal without gaining weight. It is so easy to adjust his intake with Burns. Many thanks.

06/09/14 | john

does what it says on the bag!!

Our beagles , Molly and Monty love this kibble and it helps keep their weight under control.


overweight labrador

My Labrador has been on burns weight control since she was 2 years old,the product used to be called burns high oats,tried lots of others before this one,but none came close to the results i had from this, weight ,coat,general health is excellent,she is now 11 years old so that's a testament to how good it is.


Overweight Through no fault of her own

Our 3 Yr old Border collie was spayed and her weight rocketed. We cut back on her food as per the vets instrucitons but she was only eating 1 x can a day + mixer and was not losing the weight. We bought this food on the recommendation of a fellow dog walker. I doubted she would get on with it but are delighted with her progress. The pack tells you the ideal weight of the dog and you just feed her that weight per day... easy! Also the amount its substantial so she is having a decent bowlful of food. So far she has lost 2KG and loves the taste, so much that we moved our puppy onto the Burns brand. The cost actually works out cheaper than buying her old tinned food with a large bag lasting a month! Not only has she lost the weight but it has helped sort out her anal sacks, which were a distressing problem and trip to the vets every 3 months. The fibre from the oats has also sorted this out, so it is good for her in many more ways.


Best Complete Dog Food

I have used Burns with my Jack Russell for many years she is now 10 and has a superb coat spot on weight and is all round fit and alert. We re-homed a Irish terrier and introduced her to Burns with the same outcome excellent product and would highly recommend it.