02/06/18 | Diane

More poop

I tried this food as it was on offer on zoo plus. I feed my bichons grainfree and thought I'd give this food a go as it's a top end quality food Kibble are a lovely size but I found that they were pooing larger amounts compared to what they were depositing on their previous food. They would poop little balls of poop before but on this food it was softer and I'd say treble the amount they would normally poop. Think I'll be going back to my old grain free food

07/28/17 | Jacqueline Gaffney

Works for my Lhasa apso!

I have recently switched to this food from royal canin. I changed because one of my dogs was having lots of tummy troubles and this food really seems to have done the trick so we are all much happier! Only reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is that my dogs seem to much prefer the taste of Royal canin and spat this out when it was in the mix! Now that the RC is gone they are eating it without any fuss. Nice small kibble pieces too!

06/16/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr

My dog immediately loved them

My little 2 y/o Lhassa loved them from the moment they hit the bowl. Before, she ate Eukanuba or Acana. Acana is a really good brand because they use wonderful ingredients. I think Applaws also offer a great product, and my dog can't seem to get enough of it. It's been a few days now, but I think I've found the one. I had the chicken and lamb.

10/16/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

After 6 years of searching I have found it

I am over the moon! My dog isn't too fussed about food in general. She is healthy and fit, but rather on the skinny side. She usually only eats when she's really really hungry!! But not this time. She could have eaten twice as much if I'd let her, but I didn't wanna overdo it at the start. The pieces are a good size (1cm triangles). The mixture is great, gives you a really confident feeling. I'm gonna stick with it from now on :))

10/15/15 | Adele

Top quality food

I cannot recommend this food highly enough. My Golden Retriever suffered from sporadic seizures since she was six months old (she's now almost 9). The vet could not pinpoint why. After a lot of research, I decided three years ago to completely change her diet to Applaws & a small amount of fresh meat. She has not had another seizure since - I can only assume her previous food contained something artificial that did not agree with her. Both my dogs love this food & eat with gusto. I buy two 7.5kg bags at a time so save a little money, the quality of the food is well worth it. Zooplus have been excellent - I recently received a bag that had split in transit. They replaced this with no quibble. Excellent service from zooplus.

09/11/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

I am convinced

This mixture is a winner! Just great. I bought it before my puppy arrived and unfortunately she doesn't like the taste. But of course that's nothing to do with zooplus. Great product at a great price.


Coco loves it

Coco loves the taste, and eating it.


A winner

My working cocker came with a 'small appetite'. He actually turned out to be fussy with a sensitive tummy and after trying several brands settled on Applaws. He has a half tray of Applaws meat in the evening on top of kibble and we have found that this sits well on his stomach. Tried Lily's Kitchen but we end up with nasty smells with it.

06/08/14 | Jane Taylor

Excellent product

This is the only food that my Rupert Russell in not intolerant to ...

06/08/14 | Debbie

Dogs Love It !!!

Hector & Rupert have tried every Hypoallergenic brand of food and finally I found Applaws . They Love It !!!

06/16/13 | Sam Osborne

applaws sm/med breed

My miniature Dachshund Baxter really enjoys this food. We tried a few dry feed top name brands before Applaws but continually kept having problems with Baxters anal glands. The vet advised us to change his food, which we did but tried a few different ones before Applaws. Since we have gone onto Applaws he has no problems with his glands and this food really suits him & he is very excited at meal time when he hears it going into his dish!! This food is the one that suits him best. Would definitely recommend.

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