Exploding can

My cats love it but every single can has exploded meat juice everywhere when I've opened it! Disgusting.
02/21/21 | ToniT

Wow, she even likes this one!!

Our rescue cat loves the Animonda Carny so I thought I would give this a try too and she loves it. I didn't expect her to lap up the flavoured jellies but she does. So glad to have found Animonda!!
11/08/20 | Kirsty Charman

3 out of 3 refused to eat it

I have 3 fur babies, 1 is a very fussy eater, 1 will eat anything & 1 that eats most foods. however all 3 turned their nose up, tried a couple of time with different flavours, ended up throwing them away.

Good quality food

My soooo fussy cat, lapped it up, cleaned the dish ready for me to put away lol. Worth buying at a affordable price just for something different and at this price your not losing
04/20/20 | Sophie

Healthy & Affordable.

Have just tried my (little bit fussy) cat on these and he loves them so far (the Mixed veal poultry pack) I refuse to feed him ‘high street 4% meat brands’ & only feed him good quality foods, which is usually expensive (applaws, Etc) so wanted a cheaper alternative. These are brilliant, I highly recommend.
09/24/17 | Paul and Fergal

Better than Whiskas etc

In the UK we seem to have been brainwashed into thinking that the mainstream cat food brands (Whiskas, Felix, etc) are good for cats. They contain 4% meat. Animonda and Bozita typically contain 5+ times as much meat. My incredibly sensitive cat has a third of a pouch of watered down Rafine every day plus Sanabelle sensitive dried. I avoid the flavours with yoghurt and cream because cats can't have dairy. Otherwise great choice
06/15/16 | Nicky

Likes it.

My fussy 17 year old cat likes this some flavours more than others that's why I get the variety. I needed to find a different cat food because she gets bored of Felix and applaws all the time. This is higher meat content has meat chucks which I do mash up so she doesn't just lick the sauce or jelly up. Overall great price and my cat seems content with her food for now.
05/02/15 | Lucky


This is really enjoyed by both my cats. I use this every now and then to break up the daily food. I only gave four stars as there are much higher meat content foods available.
04/12/15 | Linda Wall


I have 2 Bengals, 2 BSH's and 3 moggies in a range of ages. My 11 month old Bengals had become 'fussy' over their food and all bar my BSH's are extremely fussy. I was really beginning to despair over what food to change them to (which we normally have to do frequently). Then I tried A. Rafine, THEY ALL LOVE IT (consistently) and this includes the standard Rafine sachets and foils. My 19 year old can't get enough of it and is gaining weight nicely. The Bengals likewise are 'loving it'. Oddly, no one likes the 'dried' food version?
10/22/14 | Lilian

My Egyptian Mau love these very much

We've tried so many different wet food for our young Egyptian mau, he eats them for the first few days but soon will get bored and refused to touch them again. However with animonda rafine soupe, he goes crazy and won't stop eating until he finish every single bit of it. We've been on these for nearly 1 month now, finger cross he will continually enjoy them.

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