10/31/19 | Joanne Hanson

Highly recommend

My 15 year old Papillon was diagnosed with grade 2 kidney disease last month. She had been pulling grass and vomiting most mornings and gone off all usual food and was losing weight. She refused Hills and Royal Canin Renal and I hadn't heard of Integra. This food has been a god send. The wet food smells and looks appetising and my little dog loves it, eats heartily and cleans the bowl. With next order will try the dry food also. She is gaining weight and the vomiting has ceased.

09/10/14 | Jannette


I tried my 16yr old terrier on this mainly to give her a change, as she has been having integra protect intestinal 3 times a day. She has colitis/I.B.S. Her vet put her on a prescription diet of ID but she would refuse to eat it. The consistency was always like thick porridge, and, poor little girl would always choke on it.I was a little concerned trying a new food as she was doing well on the integra intestinal.Well i did and have never regretted it.She loves it and will clean her dish in one go, but more importantly she can digest it with no nasty problems after she's eaten it.It also smells delicious.

08/19/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

Animonda is always good

I tried the sensitive one for my 7 year old dog, he occasionally has intestinal problems due to ingredients in foods. Mixed with his normal dry food this solved his problems immediately.

04/07/14 | originally published in zooplus.pl

good karma for allergy sufferers

good food for allergy sufferers, works for dogs who have lost a lot of hair

04/04/14 | originally published in zooplus.pl


My dog has allergies and unfortunately it's very hard to find a food that he will eat. From time to time I try to change his food and I must say that I really liked this one. There are no problems with the digestion, and it also has a very pleasant smell like actual food, especially this turkey and rice variety!

03/31/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

nutritionally sensitive miniature Pinscher

Our dog has been eating this food for three years we have saved so much money by getting it cheaper than at the vets! Just great food! And it only contains what the ingredients say.

07/06/13 | originally published in zooplus.it

Wonderful product

I mainly use the horse and amaranth variety and my Shar Pei is usually picky but loves this one! I think it's great. I tried the other flavours but he prefers the horse one.

05/24/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

well tolerated for sensitive skin

Our female dog (mongrel, now 11 years old) has developed a food allergy in the last 3 years that manifests mainly on her skin. She scratched her arms to the point they were raw and bare. First we gave her Hills z/d for food allergies. The scratching stopped, and her fur became shiny and silky smooth again. Then I started looking for a slightly cheaper option. I started Integra Sensitive mixed with the dry Hills, and it turns out she loves wet food. The bowl is squeaky clean after every meal and she tolerates it really well. Our allergy problem is solved, thank you Integra! I must confess when I realised it was Animonda brand I was surprised what good quality it was. My cats have urinary problems so I tried them on the Integra Urinary diet for cats and this was also really successful.


Not the most tasty

Great wet food for dogs with allergies or diarrhoea. The only drawback is that my dog is a bit picky with it and tends to only eat about half of the bowl.


very good food

Our Husky likes this food and she tolerates it really well. It is a pity that can only get very small or very large cans.

02/08/13 | originally published in zooplus.nl

Tastes amazing apparently!

My pointer eats this very happily and no longer suffers from loose stools. It smells delicious and looks appetising. Great product!

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