Happy with product!

I’m surprised at the awful reviews for this toy, it’s quite large and very good for the price. If your dog is a chewer or very rough with toys I can see that this toy perhaps wouldn’t last long, but my Vizsla has been carrying this vulture toy around for months now and it is still perfectly in tact (even though he has been stolen countless times by the chihuahuas who like to pull the little soft noodle shaped “feathers” off). I have bought her a second one!
08/30/21 | Sue


My boys love this, my lil man Domino was throwing it around and chancing it. He loves it that much it’s been taken to bed with him. Very well made and strong
07/04/21 | Claire Forster

Great toy

I don’t know why people have given this toy a bad review. My dog loves it and it’s as robust as you would expect it to be for the price.
05/23/21 | Amanda

Dogs like it a lot and haven’t destroyed it!

This is one my two will fight over and it’s been more robust than even other kong plush toys.

Very poor quality

Got this toy with my zooplus points for our Golden Retriever, she fetches toys but doesn't chew or shake and this was ripped in 3 places within 2 days. The 'noodly'bits on the wings are dropping out too. It's going in the bin.....
02/08/21 | Ro

Not at al robust! it was in pieces in seconds!

I have a boxer who loves to "rag" his toys and shake them, he is not ordinarily a "destroyer" but this was in pieces in minutes! The eyes were off in less than 30 seconds followed by both wings and the stuffing was then history - lasted less than 5 minutes - Robust it was not! I managed to rescue the squeaker just in time! Do not buy this toy unless its just for show!
01/18/21 | Nina Alderson

Don’t bother

Don’t bother wasting your hard earned money. Gustav lasted 15 mins before his tail was off and his stuffing was all over the floor. My dog is not a chewer and has lots toys so that shows what poor quality it is.
12/06/20 | Rich |& Jim the Lurcher

Gustav the vulture 2 minute life span

Didn't last 2 minutes before being destroyed. Jim the Lurcher enjoyed it whilst it lasted. Only consolation is that this was orderd with reward points and not paid for. Unfortunately I can't rate this as 0 stars as not an option, which I would if I could. I would not recomend this product to anyone at all unless used as an ornament. But don't place to high as if it fell I'm sure the seams would split on impact!!!
09/30/20 | Jamie

Lasted 5 minutes

This isn't a toy for dogs. Like others reviewers, the material didn't last long.
07/13/20 | Annie & Co.

Poor quality fabric

Unfortunately this just didn't last. My dogs not soft on toys, but she's not too rough with them either. Most soft toys last a reasonable amount of time, this one was shredded almost immediately.
07/06/20 | Danielle Clough

Love it

My Bernese Mountain dog loves her vulture. I’ve had to stitch it back up a couple of time but she still loves to carry it around and play tug of war with it.
05/14/20 | R Turnbull

Complete rubbish.

Don’t waste your money - destroyed within seconds by a small non aggressive dog.

Poor quality

Very disappointed with the quality of this toy . We bought this for our dachshund puppy , he had never distorted any of his other toys but this one lasted less than an hour before had to be stitched. Such a shame as he loved it !

Lasted as long as all her other toys, much enjoyed.

We found this to be just as good as other soft toys. The fabric is tough enough and we did not have the issue with the stitching which other reviews had.
01/16/17 | Kirin

terrible stitching

I bought this toy for my JRT puppy, but within hours the stitching along the toy's back had come open. It was nothing to do with the play, it's just a poorly finished item. The seam that came apart was the one where the stuffing was put in. Once sewed up, it's been fine and my pup loves it.
11/27/16 | Jen Kearvell-White

No match for Vizsla puppy

This lasted less than 10 minutes before our 8 week old puppy started pulling stuffing out - he thoroughly enjoyed doing that but it wasn't the intended purpose of the toy. Waste of money - in contrast the Kong flexible fox we also got him is still going strong 4 months later.
08/17/16 | Chris

Puppy loves it, but ripped within a day

It is my puppy's favourite toy - unfortunately stitching broke very quickly - allowing stuffing to come out.
07/11/16 | Dale

Poorly made

I have a 5 month old border collie who had no trouble ripping off its wing within an hour... The eyes only have a few lines on thread connecting it to, suprised they haven't already been ripped off. I thought at first it didn't have a squeaker as I couldn't find it, turns out its right at the bottom, but due to how much stuffing is inside it barely squeaks. Overall 2/5, Skye seemed to enjoy ripping it to shreds.
12/29/15 | Sam

Didn't last 5 minutes!

My boy looked like he was going to like this but quietly crept off and within a few minutes he'd ripped off a foot just by shaking it! For the price, i would have expected better!
08/25/15 | Stormclaw

Great for cats too!

Gustav is my little cat's new friend! She likes to cuddle up with him in her window box, even if he is nearly the same size as her. Looks durable and well made and will undoubtedly be providing companionship for several years to come.

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