01/04/22 | T Owen

Do not give this to your dog- potentially lethal contents!

Within 5 minutes of giving these to my 2 dogs there were holes & the stuffing was coming out. However, worse was to follow. The toys have a hard & brittle plastic hollow disc filled with plastic balls inside a cloth bag in 2 of the legs. These had completely broken & very sharp pieces of plastic were poking through the exterior. One of the cloth bags had been removed & chewed by one of my dogs & it was so damaged that it was impossible to tell if any of the lethal contents had been ingested.
12/12/21 | Sarah

V thin fabric

Thin fabric, stuffing was coming through and had actually broken through in places. Not suitable for a dog
09/01/21 | Laura Caswell-Smith

Came apart immediately

My puppy loved it and started chewing right away. Unfortunately within minutes, he had ripped open one of the legs and broken the plastic container, letting the small plastic balls roll out. Obviously I was watching him but I had to act quickly before he swallowed anything. With breakable sharp plastic and small parts this definitely isn't suitable for puppies, even supervised closely.
07/16/21 | Trish F

Puppy's favourite toy

This has two squeakies and a satisfying rattle/crinkle. Our spaniel pup has made this her favourite toy and also snuggles up to it to go to sleep. I recommend it.
03/25/21 | Charlotte

Pups love it!

Bought this for my 2 cavalier pups to bump up the cost of an order to get free delivery (the pups have enough toys!). As soon as it arrived the boys loved the sheep! They can fight over it, taking a leg each and they can 'press' the squeakers themselves when they chew the legs. They also love to run around with it which makes the shaker noise. It's just a great toy!!!! We haven't had any problems with quality over the last 3 days of vigorous play!
03/21/21 | Natalya

Loved but poor quality for sharp puppy teeth

My golden retriever puppy loved this toy the minute he got it - the long legs are great for playing with our 7 year old Toller. However, within five minutes the felt on the feet was ripped and stuffing coming out. Zooplus were superb with a quick refund. If the feet were covered with a more substantial fabric eg cord, it would get a higher review. We’ve kept it but just stitch it up every two-three days as it’s be one a favourite!!
02/26/21 | Melanie

Dog loves it

My dog loves the noise it makes, good to as not to loud for me. My dogs berry gental with toys so lasts well
02/18/21 | Sue


My cocker spaniel had this in pieces within a couple of minutes of giving it to her. After seeing the holes after the first couple of times endless to say it went in the bin within the week of it being purchased


I have just bought this toy for my 7 month old pup and within the space of an hour a hole has appeared in one of the legs and the rattle which is made of plastic has completely shattered. My pup may well have swallowed parts of this toy and may need veterinary attention now. It is extremely unsafe and most definitely not suitable for puppies!

Not impressed

Face got ripped within 5 minutes and stuffing pulled out
01/26/21 | Daniella

Our puppy’s favourite toy

This is our puppy’s favourite toy, he sleeps snuggled up to it and chooses it out of all his other toys. I was reluctant to buy him a ‘teddy’ but this really is his favourite.
01/23/21 | Sam Joslyn

Firm favourite

My cocker looooves Sheepie. Unlike some other plush toys Sprocket has had in the past, Sheepie has outlived various other toys as it's quite well made. My girl does have a very soft mouth though, so it might not last as long for more boisterous dogs. That being said, she does shake it (she loves the flapping of the long legs and the rattles and squeakers in the feet) and use it for fetch and it's still here!
01/20/21 | jacklyn Dawson


Bought this for my 16wk shih tzu pup, started with having to wash & put in dryer as was casting, within 2wks in bin as fell to bits
12/06/20 | Mark A

Do not buy this

Within 10 minutes the stitching had come undone exposing a plastic squeak & the inner stuffing. Cheap yes but come on... should be removed from sale altogether!
09/24/20 | Steve Maylin

Larry the Lamb

Our Springer absolutely loves “Larry” she has some great times pulling with me, also I think it helps her teething too, as I can see her really biting it, well made and dog friendly
08/06/20 | Honor

Our puppy loves Lamby

Our 11 week old puppy loves this toy. She carries it around with her, fights it and iies on it. Just watch out for the squeakers and bells inside because she did manage to get those out when Lamby got a bit ragged. Buying a few more replacements!

Dog loves its legs

Dog loves it. Destroyed the rattle bits within minutes, pretty standard! Good priceI
05/29/20 | Sue

Does not last

The day this was delivered I gave it to my cocker spaniel and within 20mins she had bitten a hole in one of the feet and was chewing on the squeeker from inside. This is poor for an item that is supposed to be a dog toy.
04/08/20 | Holli

My Labrador loves his sheepy

I got this toy with points I had accrued and it hasn’t left my dogs side since. He loves its jingly feet and always finds it before bed to take with him for the night.

Puppy is in love with this toy

My 5 month Golden Retriever is in love with this toy. He takes it everywhere. Has to be in his crate at bedtime, has to be with him during the day. Totally adores it. Yes eventually he bites through it and finds the plastic squeaker but frankly he’s destroyed all other “indestructible “ dog toys too so I think you just be vigilant and give them the ones they like, replace them when they start to get torn apart “

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