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Perfect for a boxer with sensitive tummy

My boxer is 11 years old and absolutely loves this food! (Even the cat steals a couple of kibbles is she gets the chance!!!) He's had digestive issues most of his life, and his digestion is very sensitive. He's also VERY fussy. We've had no issues after feeding him this food, his coat is nice and shiny, his poop is solid and easy to clean up. We've had loads of comments on how good he looks! I would definitely recommend this!
01/16/21 | originally published in zooplus.de


My dog loves this food!

The only food that our dog will always eat without fail

Our boy (2 years old, 25kg) is pretty fussy. No matter which brand, soft food or cold pressed etc... nothing is good enough. Wolf of Wilderness Rocky Canyons is the only food he will always eat. A 12kg bag would be open for too long so I buy the 1kg bags. It would be good if there were a 5kg bag.

It's ok

I ordered the 5 or 6 varieties. This was the only one that my dog liked - quite liked for quite a long time. With the other flavours, he ate it one day then not the next... except when he was really hungry. But this one is fine. When the price per kg of wet food is cheaper (and tastier) then I tend to buy that and feed that to my dog. (Yes, I have included in the calculation the fact that dry food weighs less per meal but it's still about right).
03/27/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Well digested

because it contains no poultry
02/25/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Canyons Beef

My dog enjoys this food - I bought the 1kg bag at first but I will buy the others with lamb, duck, fish etc to try
09/26/19 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very good

All I can say is my Teddy is crazy about this stuff. He loves this food. When we come home from our walk he gets very excited because he can't wait to get his daily serving. He always finishes his bowl. Which can't be said about his previous food.
09/17/19 | originally published in zooplus.it


I have a bull terrier so a very delicate dog especially when it comes to nutrition, I have been wanting to try this brand for a while and I'm super happy with the results! Chaos loves them! He doesn't leave anything in the bowl, and has become super regular with his stools! This summer he had stopped eating and had several stomach problems but since we tried this new food we have solved every problem. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS IF YOU HAVE A SENSITIVE DOG LIKE ME!
09/15/19 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Great product

My two Labradors practically inhaled this food. They are greedy eaters by nature so it's hard to say exactly what makes these so good; they are triangular, smaller than the Taste of Scandinavia, perfect for medium-sized dogs. The smell is nice. A big plus: my older Labrador, who is nine years old, has a very sensitive stomach especially when changing his food, but this food really agreed with him. No nasty surprises with the poo, and it has eased their farting problems.
09/10/19 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great digestion

Our Beagle loves it
09/10/19 | originally published in zooplus.de


My dog is happy and eats everything. I'm so glad. No more stressing about it. Always get at least 5kg or more
09/09/19 | originally published in bitiba.fr

Great product

Good food in every respect, at the time of writing it has been four days and I don't have a bad thing to say about it, even helps with farting. Yes yes!


My dog always had Wolf of Wilderness food and I try a new flavour every month. They are very yummy and my dog has been eating them from puppy to adult without any problems. She's a Staffie.
07/09/19 | originally published in zooplus.de

Just right

Our dog enjoyed every bowl and it really agreed with her

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