04/12/20 | Antony Crolla

Ashba the Great Dane loves this food.

Fed purely on this food apart from the odd wet meal. Eats his morning and evening meal immediately. His coat and teeth are stunning, his stools are solid and he is generally very fit and healthy. If you have a giant breeze look no further than this food.
04/02/20 | Derek Jones

Royal Cabin giant breed junior dog food

Dog loves it, has a great coat and correct weight gain. I will only change when he goes onto the Royal Cabin adult!
03/09/19 | Nikki

My ddb loves this

Tried every premium food on the market this is the only food my Trevor eats without a mixer. Coat looks better, eyes are brighter and poops less. One happy healthy Dogue de Bordeaux
07/25/17 | Steve

A must for Great Danes

My 2 Great Danes love this stuff, both reared from birth on it and now stand proudly at 190 Lean pounds and nearly a metre to the shoulder each...Tom & Jerry would not eat anything else, nor would I let them whilst ever they still produce this I will buy it !
02/05/17 | Mike Goldsack

Perfect for Our 2 Great Danes

Having raised Great Danes for more than 25 years and always understood (mostly by being told by others, forums etc.) that they must be fed with a food lower than about 26% protein, we were struggling to find a good quality food for our latest young Danes (Thor and Loki) that met that criteria. The breeder that we got our latest 2 babies from said that they had used Royal Canin Puppy and Junior and had had good results and no problems with bone growth. There were lots of folk on Great Dane site

Royal Canin Giant Junior

Have been giving this to my two Bernese Mountain Dogs for last 3 months. Food excellent but even better is zooplus price and prompt delivery.
10/28/14 | Nick R

Dogue de bordoux

My DDB loves Royal Canin, she is around 30kg and has just gone onto Giant Junier We switched for a while to Barking heads but her coat went dull and she wasn't digesting her food. Put her back on Royal Canin and she went back to a bright red and has no problem digesting and woooolfs it down. By far the best product to buy your Dogue
06/17/14 | Mick Hogg

Best food for our Great Danes

Having two great Danes,quality of food along with price is important to us. Royal Canine Giant Junior has proved to be the best we have found, it suits their sensitive stomachs,they LOVE it, and believe me they are fussy!!! We get lots of comments on how good they look and how shiny their coats are.Along with the great price from Zooplus, we are,all on a winner.

great dog food

Following a bunch of shenanigans, we've started feeding our dog (13 months old) with RC Junior food. Since then it's been plain sailing. Great fur, less poop and no more gas. What more can you want?
04/26/13 | stephanie furlong

Happy Akitas

I moved my 2 dogs onto royal canin and find it made a big difference to the dogs.
09/06/12 | Kim Barnes

2 happy St Bernard Pups

Monti & Zak's dad was a Canadian Champion and it was essential that they have a high protein food to allow them to develop big and strong and most importantly healthy. We have fed them Royal Canin food since they were puppies and we will do throughout their lives. They love their food - started off by adding warm water and now they eat it dry. They never refuse their meal as I am aware some dogs get fed up quickly. I would recommend ROYAL CANIN to anyone with a giant dog!!
07/30/11 | Ashley


I started feeding my American Bulldog Cross Giant Jnr at age 9months and he loves it. He eats it every time. I have tryed other foods like Arden Grange, ProPlan, Hills etc and always come back to this one as it is the best quality and highest ratings. Only thing I am waiting for now is Giant Jnr Active to be in stock on here as my pup burns all weight off in normal day to day runnings and looks a little under weight, even though the scales wouldnt think so. 13months old and 40kg. Brilliant food! Advise all to use!
05/03/11 | Ian Walmsley

My Two Rottweiler Boys Love This Stuff

I've fed my Rottweiler boys Tsar and Titan on Royal Canin for most of their lives. Form 7 - 12 weeks they were on a cheaper dog food (mainly because it was BOGOF at local pet store). During this time their bowel movements were never solid and generally smelt quite bad, they were also very hyperactive and often turned their noses up at the food. After much research I decided Royal Canin was the brand for me. I still had a tough decision on whether to go for maxi or giant breed size as the average adult weight for a Rottie boarded on either side of the manufactures guidelines. I eventually based my decision on their dad’s size and went for Giant which I’m glad I did. Before moving to Junior at the age of 9 months they were fed on the Royal Canin Giant Puppy for which I would say the same about as Junior. They and I seem a lot happier since they have been on this stuff they eat every kibble (or should I swallow) to the point they lick the bowl spotless for minutes after it is empty much to my annoyance as the noise is very loud. :) The size of the kibble was also important to me in the decision for this food, being a large breed and know for suffering from bloat my two conform and generally immediately swallow anything they are given rather than chew. This kibble allowed these two to at least chew the majority of their food, which I’m sure helps with their digestion as well as cleaning their teeth (as I always feed it them dry). Their bowel movements have always been firm and regular, as well as smelling less in my opinion since being on Royal Canin. They seem less hyperactive and boisterous as well as having a thick glossy coat, sparkling teeth and eyes. They are fit, healthy and lean (to the point you can just make out their ribs by just looking at them), weighing in at 48KGs and 49 KGs at a year old now they have shown no signs of joint or hip problems that’s this large rapid growing breed are notorious for. I also commend Zooplus for their service, quick/ free delivery and costs. I have not been able to find this cheaper anywhere else which is especially handy to me when they go through 3 bags of this stuff a month between them. With a fair amount of growing to do I can assure you I will be happily feeding this brand to my two for the rest of their lives and shopping at Zooplus for the foreseeable future.
01/31/11 | Aga

Newfoundland - 8.5 months old

We kept our pup of RC Giant Puppy, now it is time for Junior. After 2 15kg bags already gone, he still loves it! Good size, so he has something to bite (puppy food was way to small for months now), and I guess good taste, as he is eating with no problems and he can be a bit fussy at times. His coat is soft and shiny, which is a sign of well banalced diet... From our Bunk big thank you goes to RC for this food
09/13/09 | aya_croatia

Dogue de bordeaux

Fantastic food! Great taste,great big kibbles,Tasha is shiny and beautiful and she has no skin & digestion problems any more!! we highly recommended!

Great Dane

After trying just about every other food on the market we finally found this one which is the only one that doesn't go straight through our great dane. Because of the diet problems she was slightly underweight but is now back on track. I would certainly recommend this food to all great Dane owners.
05/21/08 | chester


AT LAST.. no more mixing tripe with every meal. our fussy DOUGUE DE BORDEUX love this food dry and cant get enough.The large nuggets are so much bigger and better for his large mouth. We were using james welbeloved but this beats it hands down, inc the ingredients.
03/23/08 | KIRSTY HONE

dogue de bordeux

03/16/08 | Robert

Rotty loves his new food

After four different meals from different manufactures, we thought Milo might be a fussy eater, but once we tried Royal Canin Giant junior we have had no problems come feeding time. Milo looks even better and seems much happier.
07/29/06 | Jackie Young

The Feed for My Doberman At Last

I have had an 8 month search to find a feed my now 9 month Doberman, Bodey, loves. This is it - he is thriving on it - empty dish guaranteed, no more offensive gas (pooooooooo yuk)and 2 solid bowel movements a day. It smells gorgeous and proves excellent value for money.

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