04/27/22 | Bibi Redfern

We use these as reward treats as well at kibble

My dog adores this product, especially being a fussy dog with allergies. My dog and her dog friends eagerly wait to be rewarded.
01/13/22 | Tresa

Love this

My dogs really look forward to there dinners with this food , love it so so much , problem is extremely hard to get, PLEASE ZOOPLUS SORT IT OUT
01/09/22 | Pauline

The only dry food

My very picky dog eats only this kibbles. He refused to even look at any other brands but as soon as insect one arrived he wanted to eat some and after few days he is still interested and happy with his dinner.
12/03/21 | Allie


My 7 young dogs (9kg - 40kg and still growing) eat predominantly raw but have kibble at bedtime to overcome raw fed hunger pukes. Had to use cold pressed or they poo yuk. Not now! This is awesome, they ALL eat it with great enthusiasm so can use for training too, ALL digest it perfectly, poo unaffected (little bit softer but that's ok) and it's got more meat content than cold pressed. Mine ALL love ALL 4 FLAVOURS, especially insect and that's planet friendly! All suit them ALL! FAB!!!! 5*!
12/01/21 | Antea

Love it but needs a bigger pack than 1.5kg

Top notch food but it’s a shame only small packs are available? With a bigger dog it’s impossible to commit to the brand this way.
10/13/21 | Meenaboo

Yummy insects

I have struggled with our rescue dogs ‘runny tummy’ for years and I’ve tried many sensitive and grain free branded foods. I was stuck cooking for him until I found this. There was an immediate improvement on feeding Greenwoods from the very first meal. I’m now ordering further supplies and both Roscoe and I are very happy ! Love that it’s insect based too.
10/11/21 | Tegan

Clean bowls and waggy tails

I’ve got a dog with an allergy to chicken, rice, eggs and peas - all of which seem to make up the majority of both wet and dry foods on the market. Before she was tried on a whim on this, she was on expensive hypo/anallergenic food that was costing me a fortune and she wasn’t really enjoying. With this food I’ve had to buy her a slow feeder she is so excited to eat, especially with Greenwood’s wet food mixed in. She’s slightly more gassy due to the lentils content with bigger poops.
09/30/21 | Jess

Great Value

This was definitely the best value insect food out there. As vegans who are conscious about the environmental impact of meat but who don't want to feed our dog a vegetarian diet this seemed like a good option. Since going on Greenwoods our dogs fur has got glossier, he poo is less runny and she seems. To have put on a little weight, which she struggled to keep on before. We are really happy with this food, I just hope zooplus continues to stock the larger 12kg packs.
09/10/21 | Andrea Beardsley

Life saver

I use this along with the insect meal by greenwoods and it is helping my sharpei breed who has allergies to everything including protein. Its helped settle his upset tummy and runny poops, and also less itchy. He has greenwoods wet also as grain free.
09/10/21 | Andrea Beardsley

Life saver

I have a sharpei breed who unfortunately suffers with allergies and some protein upsets. Since feeding this he no longer has upset tummy leading to runny poops and also he's less itchy. I also use the green woods wet food with this as its grain free.

Dogs love it

Our dogs love this food, even my fussy, anxious boy. They are both looking so healthy and this is definitely the best value insect based dog food I can find.
07/31/21 | Tresa smith

🌟Love this food 🌟

I have 3 big dogs that love there food but all have to have grain free food , I have wasted so much money on different brands but I must say as soon as they smelt this they couldn’t get enough, fresh ingredients perfect buy , they absolutely love this food , perfect buy A🌟
07/17/21 | sam

best veggie dog food

the dogs love it and it has a good balance of important nutrients

Great food at a great price

I have a very sensitive dog (French Bulldog) and I've tried all sorts of foods in search of something he can tolerate. This one is fantastic for him. No allergic reactions, perfect stools, shiny fur, I am just so happy that I've found the perfect food for him. Thoroughly recommended. Just fantastic!!!!!
04/29/21 | originally published in zooplus.it


My dog likes them very much even if they are small
04/18/21 | Tegan

Perfect for my sensitive pooch

My dog is allergic to life, and aswell as allergens in the environment she’s allergic to all the common foods. Do you know how hard it is to find a dog food that doesn’t contain chicken or rice? Then add into the mix the fact she can’t have peas, eggs, tomato, soya.. the list goes on. This food is one of the only ones she can have that doesn’t have a hefty price tag attached that actually suits her - the only downside is her poops are the size of a small pony and she’s got wind from the lentils!
04/14/21 | originally published in zooplus.fr

My dogs love it

My dogs prefer this food to others with meat. They are in great shape, zero digestive issues and perfectly healthy stools.
04/14/21 | originally published in zooplus.it

My dog loves it

Excellent kibble, I have been using it for several months and my dog continues to eat them willingly
03/30/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

My dog looooves it ❤️

My mix loves this food. At first she didn't like the odd smell, but soon she couldn't get enough of it. We will definitely stick with this!
03/15/21 | Elaine Basham


My dog has lots of allergies to all meats, fish, grains, finally we have found him a food he can enjoy. He's now my happy boy again

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