04/25/21 | Carrie Spurgeon

Pleasantly surprised, all 5 dogs love it!

I thought I'd try this for my 5 but knew it was a risk as a couple of them have dodgy tums. Well I have to say I was amazed, they all love it and not a runny tummy between them, even when changing over! It seems better than the double the price food I normally give them! I will be back for more, definitely worth a go to anyone in a similar situation.


Fussy dogs

I have 3 spaniels 2 of which are very fussy and 1 who would eat anything and everything, so finding a food that I could feed them all on has been no mean feat. Concept for life light has been a game changer they all love it and I’m not stressing at meal time

04/18/21 | della kennedy

Loved it

Bought this to try as id seen it advertised on zooplus I’ve 7 chihuahuas that are quite picky about what they will eat. All 7 literally cleared their bowls in minutes, they loved it, no tummy upsets after which is always a worry when trying new food. Will definitely be buying this brand again


Good size for large breed

My 1.5 years GSD can be quite picky with her food. Can change her mind after several tries but not with this kibble. May try the Concept for Life Lite for my next order to see if she likes that too.

02/18/21 | Christine

Dog enjoyed

My fussy collie was quite taken with this food

02/08/21 | Bernadette

No more smells

Since putting my French Bull dog on this specific breed dry food we don’t have stinky wind😊

11/08/20 | Mark

Stopped my bulldog itching

This food has really helped with my dogs allergies


Very pleased

I have finally found a kibble which my rescue greyhound really enjoys. Although I have only been using this for a few weeks I have seen a marked difference in her coat and stools. Fingers crossed she doesn’t start to get bored with it like everything else :)



My Ridgeback loved this food. So far no problems. Good value and good quality.

07/21/20 | TONY BLUNDELL

Concept dog food

Our 4 year old Labrador add gone off his food which was strange for him, normally he eat any think. We had some good reports about Concept For Life dog food and gave it a try, he loves it and his over all health seems to have improved . recommend .


Took a chance on a large bag

Concept for Life is indeed premium, with no wheat, rice or maize "packing". My greyhounds often reject kibble so I was pleasantly surprised by their ready acceptance of this food. After a few days their dandruff (annual winter coat moulting!) cleared up and their stools became smaller than before. I wish there were other flavours in large adult but you can't have everything!


great food

I have 2 bulldogs and they love it also their coats are looking great

05/03/20 | Lesley Cook

My fussy dog

I have a rescue dog who has been very picky about his food so I decided to try Concept for life and he now eats his meals vey well, his brother and sister also want it so they are all very happy

04/14/20 | Tina Herbert

Our 2 Goldies love it

Thought we try this as a cost saving as the only other brand that is breed specific. Our 2 Goldies have previously enjoyed various Royal Cannin products, from Retriever to Giant Breed, to Labrador and joint care. With their sense gives stomachs it suits them well and there were no issues changing to Concept. My only criticism, the kibbles are small for large dog breeds.


Finally a nutitious food my dog LOVES !!

I have had 3 years of trying every different, nutritious dry food there is. Always the first day of the latest food she would seem to be really enjoying it, but then the next day or two she would turn her nose up and I'd end up supplementing it and disguising it just to use it up. With CONCEPT my worries are over!! SHE LOVES IT!!! full of energy and looking good!! Thankyou !!!

12/11/19 | Isabel Pankhurst

Concept for life German shepherd adult

My German Shepherd loves it

07/23/19 | Beth

Very pleased picky pup

My Labrador has been picky ever since he was a puppy and would only eat dry food with wet food mixed in, thought I'd give this a try and good meat % but doesn't cost the earth, he loves it and will even carry on eating this when were eating something.


Dogs love it!

Both my German Shepherd and Staffie cross love it and no tummy troubles.

05/06/19 | James Ray.

Delicious food for my dog Bob

Bob was on Royal cannin which my last labrador loved but it didn't quite suit him so I was impressed by the write up and decided to send for some Concept for life and guess what he absolutely loves it and looking at his stools it is suiting his digestion as well. Well done all at Cocept for life. Brilliant.


Very superior dog food; best ever tried.

I ordered this food as was on a special offer and needed to increase my order to qualify for free delivery. Well I am very glad I did! This is the best dog food I have ever used ( 30 years of dog ownership). My current Labrador on this food has the lowest excreta ( a sure sign of quality food) and needs less g to sustain his weight. There is absolutely no odour from the food; other highest quality foods tend to have that dried ready-made meal smell! Highly recommended.