10/06/20 | Paula Sapsford

Arden Grange

Excellent product, nutritious, pup loves it, can’t go wrong!
04/05/20 | Sonya

Sonya Le Gassicke


Great purchase

I started giving this to my elderly dog after the bet recommended it. Has helped his digestive system and eases his aching joints too. He now walks a little less stiffly. Also give a different type to put new rescue dog, and he seems really happy to eat it!
01/14/16 | Fiona Lester


I have been feeding my dog this for 7 years. She is allergic to wheat and has a sensitive stomach. I've never needed to use the sensitive Arden Grange, this is great. She is fab on it, tonnes of energy, bright eyes, and good coat. As for the other end of things, she rarely passes wind and always has good solid poo. I'm very happy.

Maggie and Jessie love this food

Maggie came to me from Dogs Trust Bridgend. They recommended this food and she has been on it for5 years. Jessie came from Many Tears and she loves it too. 2 very fit Cockers who will tell anyone that is great. Excellent delivery too.

Can't rate it highly enough

Not being able to sustain the raw food that our boxer was reared on, I tried many different brands, including all the expensive ones. None of them agreed with him, in fact I was beginning to give up hope. I was recommended Arden Grange by the owner of a local pet shop who stocks many different types of dog food. I wasn't holding much hope but almost immediately it made a difference. No more tummy issues and a far more glossy coat which is often commented on! Life saver.
12/08/15 | Katie Sercombe

Excellent for sensitive tummies

I had issues with my GSD having colitis, tried lots of different foods but she has been on this one for well over a year and no problems what so ever in fact she was doing so well on it I've also swapped my other dog onto it
09/22/15 | Maureen

Excellent large Breed food

Just started my Akita Keisha on this food a week ago and she really enjoys the large Kibble crunches it instead of just gulping it down.Her poos are firm solid and not too big which means she is getting more goodness out of the food.She has been moulting all year even though her last food had no maize or cereal in so I can't see Maize or Cereal in this food will make her moult more she has not stopped moulting she seems very happy on this food so will continue to buy it

Everything I could wish for

The delivery was very quick, and brought right to my door. The lamb and rice variety suits my dog very well, with no hidden nasties. The price was excellent too. What else is there to want?
07/16/15 | Yvonne

Great Food

I have all my dogs on this food, 3 labs and a very fussy bearded collie. They all maintain perfect weight and fantastic coats which the vet comments on every time she sees them. I have suggested this food to numerous friends including our friends lab who was on JWB and suffered from bad skin, since changing he has had no more problems with itchy skin and sores.
05/05/15 | noelia

perfect for allergenic dogs

i have a english bull terrier, she is allergenic, that food is perfect for skin problems.
06/10/14 | Sophie


I first ordered Arden Grange dog food on a recommendation from my cousin who feeds it to her dog. I felt that the dog food that I was giving my dog at the time wasn’t good quality and quite expensive for what it was. It was also making him poo a lot which was another sign that the quality wasn’t great! Since ordering Arden Grange, I have found that Alfie looks better, he enjoys his food and I think it’s also good value for money. I tend to buy the economy packs of 2x 12kg bags of food which last approximately 2 ½ - 3 months. Would definitely recommend.
11/10/13 | Georgiegirl

So pleased we changed to Arden Grange!

Our retired greyhound has not yet finished the very first bag of Arden Grange and already his coat is shining, his bad breath has gone, his smelly wind has gone (hooray!), but more importantly for him his poo is firmer and he no longer 'nibbles' at his skin. He also has more 'get up and go' and more energy for his walks. Zooplus has the best prices and excellent delivery - happy dog, happy us!!
10/07/12 | Allan Mackie

Trust me this is worth it .

Great dog food , a few people have asked us what we feed our 6yr old lab on . His coat is always shining and he is always full of life . We have tried many other but no dog food gives us results like this one the first thing to go after changing foods is his skin and coat condition . Lesson learnt stay with Arden Grange .

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