02/26/22 | Rianne van der Woude

Best Antler!

My labrador/ border collie puppy absolutely loves this one and it lasts her up to a month! This is impressive as she chews on it very much every day!!

10/04/21 | Katy egerton

Can’t use it

Far too small for my dog, he is just going to choke on it. Complete waste of money, I can fit it in the palm of my hand !? Wish I had red the reviews before buying ☹️

04/28/21 | HEATHER

My cockapoo loves this

My cockapoo loves this, the only thing he hasn't destroyed, chews on it every day. Looks for it when the cleaner has tidied it away even.

03/16/21 | Assel

Very small

Dog was very happy to get it and really likes it. But I was very disappointed that the size of it is very small

01/23/21 | Donna

Very small!

I purchased these thinking they would be perfect for my dogs to Chew. I ordered the medium. They are so small. One is about 2”x2x which I cannot give to my dogs as it would probably get stuck in their mouths/ throat and would be a choking hazard. Really disappointed. The second one is about 5” long and of better size. All the writing on the label is not in English, so cannot understand what it actually says.


Chewies red dog antler chew

Was very surprised how small this chew was, more of a gobstopper than a chew!