Caniland ostrich chunks

Potato pellets! Glad I got them free with zoo points! Won’t get again mainly potato which I try to avoid. Will check all ingredients in future before I buy.

04/23/22 | Lowe & Auri

Ideal for rewards while training

I use these while we’re out on walks leash training with our doberman pup (now 11 months old) he just doesn’t chew food so these are ideal being semi-moist. He’s also got a sensitive stomach but these don’t cause any issue at all. I tried them out originally using the reward points but have just repurchased. Such good value & quality!


Poor quality treats

Thought these would be great for training treats as they are small but they made my collie pup very ill for a week, ingredients poor and I wouldn't recommend them.

02/15/22 | Elena

Dog loves them, but ingredients not great

Highest value for my terrier who is not food-motivated otherwise.Sad to read other reviews on the ingredients though, as try not to give veg to my dog, but given the small size, cannot see any harm in small amounts


One very happy puppy

Ideal for puppy training. Small enough to use to train frequently and not gain the pounds.

10/26/21 | Bara

Very Disappointing - not chunks and filled with potato!

I would certainly not call these 'chunks'! They are small training pellets at best. These are only 4% ostrich with the rest seemingly being potato. If fact the name of the treats actually translates to 'ostrich with potato'. Luckily I only used my 'zoopoints' on these otherwise I'd be asking for a refund!


Small and low fat

Very good value, great for a dog who loves treats but has pancreas problems as low fat, other dogs love them. To my dogs a treat is a treat regardless of size.

07/27/21 | Dusky


My 2 love them ...I put some in my garden and they got to find them ....very entertaining

06/17/21 | Brian Whittington

Bang out of Order

How can you get away with calling something with 4% Ostrich Chunks Are you having a laugh not to mention they are absolutely tiny little pellets NOT CHUNKS. Don’t buy them,my dogs turn their noses up at them

04/23/21 | nicola raynard

great sized treats

My dogs love these. i give them as sprinkle/hide and find treats they are just the right size and last for ages.

08/05/20 | Jane Derbyshire-Heal

Very Palatable good size training treats

My 2 Podencos and 2 Italian Greyhounds love these as a training treat. They are small so can be used often without harming the feeding regime. they are also good for my 16 year old IG with hardly any teeth.


Vegatable treats made my boy ill

I wish they would say what they are. These are mostly vegetable with 4% ostrich. They use potato that is terrible for joints. My dog didn't like them and they made him ill, luckily my Frenchie would eat them but I would buy such rubbish again.


Not great at all

Bought these as they say chunks, but chunks they are not. They small and rubbery. There is hardly a smell to these at all and I believe that they made my dog sick. I will not be buying these ever again and I would advise anyone wanting to buy this to not do so! It's simply not good for our fur babies.


Would not call them CHUCKS!

Bought these because the description says chunks, but they are not. They are very small and not much bigger than my fish pellets, certainly not chunks, as the title description implies! Won't buy again! Would be great for very small dogs.

02/13/18 | Sharon Wing

Disappointed they’re not soft anymore

These are no longer soft so it’s a false description but luckily my dogs still like them just a shame they’re now not able to be broken up or crumbled into sprinkle mats etc


They've changed it!

This use to be our go to dog treat! Unfortunately the recipe has been changed. Full of junk now. Previously lovely, soft chunks are now rubbery pellets. Will not buy again, unfortunately!

12/11/17 | Kirsty


I usually only buy single ingredient dog snacks but bought these to stuff into toys as it said they were soft. More fool me for not reading the latest reviews! They are like hard rubbery pellets and smell like plasticine. My shepherd ate about 100g and then promptly vomited them up about 30mins later.

10/31/17 | Edith Kreutner

Poor ingredients

Semi moist and tasty? If that's what you are looking for , look further as these are cheap treats with dubious ingredients (4% ostrich) and lots of by products and they get spat out by my retriever.

10/27/17 | Lisa Hird

change of ingredients

shame they changed the recipe but these are no longer semi-moist. The company confirmed the recipe is changed and much less moisture in them now. These were fabulous treats but useless now

10/10/17 | SandC

Appear to have had a recipe change, no longer soft, and only a slight smell to them.

I have been buying this product for over a year now, they were the perfect training treat. Really soft so they can be broken into smaller pieces and really pungent so appealing to our dog. I ordered another double pack only to find that the recipe has changed! How these can be advertised as 'soft' I do not know! They have the texture of very hard rubber and very little odour. Such a shame...I have asked Zooplus to pass on my comments to the manufacturer.

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