03/18/22 | Phil

Dangerous for larger dogs

My English Pointer loved this but within minutes the bone was full of sharp needle shards. I tried a second pack later on and the same thing happened. Both times needed to remove and bin the whole thing. The bones feel like they have been cooked somehow and so are very brittle.
02/21/22 | Sophie


I give these to my GSD when I go out for a few hours and they keep her entertained for so long! She loves them!

Potentially dangerous

Bought these for all 5 of my dogs. They broke up into sharp splinters which meant I had to take them off them and throw them away. The following day all 5 dogs were poorly with the runs.
01/12/22 | Evy

Both my dogs got ill

I don't like writing negative reviews, but both of my dogs got ill eating this. I even tried again a week later to see if it was really the bone, and it was because they got ill again. Their poo turned liquid and then dry like sand. They felt so bad that they couldn't sleep because they had to go outside at 3am and relieve themselves.
11/28/21 | Sarah

Mouldyham bone

Bought 3 of these for my dogs to open them tonight to find one bone full of mould
11/13/21 | Katie

Not much meat

Not much meat on these bones, I've had better of these types from elsewhere with more meat at the ends. But please watch your dog with these and take the shards from them.
10/31/21 | Graham Weatherly

lasts well

dog loves this, been chewing for days and its not gone yet. Great for the money!
11/30/20 | r vallance

Photo misleading

They keep my Toller happy for a couple of hours, but the photo of lots of meat should be withdrawn as misleading.
10/04/20 | Christine Rees


Very good tasty product for your dog. My MILLIE loves her treat she loves peeling off the meat and chomping on the bone as she goes. Worth every penny..

brittle with needle sharp splinters

Cooked bones are hazardous to dogs. These have very little meat but plenty of bone to split and puncture the mouth or digestive tract. Get raw marrow bones and leave this stuff where it belongs - nowhere.
07/02/20 | Sam

Where’s the meat

I always buy my bones here and the dogs love them. However, my usual have disappeared and I’ve had to buy these. They are ok but there is hardly any meat on. Them at all, the dogs don’t seem as bothered about these as they were their previous bones. I won’t be buying again
06/01/20 | Caroline Payne

Not quite like photo

They aren't as meaty as they look, just reaaly at each end. Does splinter into sharp pieces. Have given one to my puppy (38kg puppy) and demolished it in about 20 mins. Took the sharp pieces away at end.
11/14/18 | Charlie

Lasts 10 minutes!

My Goldie finishes this in 10 minutes so the statement it’s will last hours I guess will depend on your dog. On the good side he enjoys every seconds and eats every morsel. Just make sure to supervise as there can be sharp pieces of bone you’ll need to confiscate.
09/21/16 | Vicky


My Great Dane loves these and keeps him amused for hours

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