12/04/20 | Hayley

Something has changed!

Rocco tripe was my Dogs favourite type of tripe, we've been getting it for her for years...she loves that stink! Sadly this last batch has made her beyond thirsty...shes's drinking bowls of water after having a piece. It's like it''s salty or something, it really isn't right. Please look into this Rocco and change your suppliers!

12/06/19 | Paul

Dried Tripe

This is a great natural and healthy high protein treat for dogs - who love it


small pieces of tripe

Last order I got tripe pieces were small so no good for large dogs

02/19/19 | Kerry wills

Upset tummies

I think having given these to my 8 dogs 4 of them have had upset tummies runny diarrhoea this has happened few times and these seem to be common denominator


Makes my dogs VERY thirsty.

I shall not be ordering this again. I've had another make of tripe sticks (Hollings) which the dogs thoroughly enjoy without driving them to the waterfowl.

01/05/19 | Kieran Higgins

Rocco Green Tripe

I bought these for my Aredale , the first few orders were perfect nice big and chewy strips. The last two ( 2.5 KG ) orders, the quality was very poor The bags contained very small hard pieces I ended up throwing them out as they were not suitable to give to my dog

12/02/18 | Robert gemmell

Thanks very much

Great for teething puppy something they will always love

11/01/18 | Robert Clarke

Poor quality and expensive

I have been buying Rocco tripe for several years and during this time it has gone markedly down in quality while going up in price. Some pieces are so hard it would take a hammer to even make a dent and others are so soft it resembles balsa wood. What used to make my dogs run around in excitement now barely raises any interest. Won’t be buying again until the quality and price improves

09/30/18 | Piotr I.

My dog is still crazy about this treat :)

First time I bought it about year ago and it was perfect. When I was thinking about buying it again I wasn’t sure about the quality of the product because last 5-6 comments was negative. I decided to take a risk and ordered the biggest pack again. I’m not disappointed. It looks and smells the same for me and my dog loves it. Thank you.

08/06/18 | Lisa Watkins

Strip of fabric

My dogs love these, partly because they stink so much I am sure! However, the last bag had a strip of inch wide fabric that was about 6" long. It looked just like a piece of the tripe so we were lucky to spot it in time. I wont risk buying them again.

06/12/18 | T.Roach

Product has changed.

We have been happily buying this product for years. Last year we found the tripe was smaller pieces and incredibly hard but the worst thing was, after eating a piece my spaniel would then spend the next several hours back and forth to her water bowl with an unquenchable thirst. We thought we would try it again this year but no, sadly it is still having the same effect which I can only put down to the drying process, do they use smokers or something? Won't be buying again.


Used to be great

This product has changed from the substantial, slightly elastic pieces that my dog loves to something very small, dusty, dry (possibly too old?), crumbly and unappetising. Won't order this make again.


Not what it was

Have been buying this for a year. Probably bought 3 lots of the 5kg bag. Carried on buying because my dog loved it. I can't break it into smaller pieces because it is so hard and have also found the quality very variable. But she turned her nose up at the last bag and even though she did eventually eat it she was nowhere near as keen as she used to be. I thought maybe we were just unlucky. New bag full of really tiny pieces and quite a lot of dust. Probably the end of this for us.

08/16/17 | ren

waste of money

I've been treating my dogs to dried beef tripe for many years, had a first go at rocco, bought 5 kilo even and it is unbelievably bad. it doesn't smell like tripe, more like plastic, it doesn't feel like tripe and my dog, who would kill for her dried tripe treat didn't even want it. I'm really peeved at spending 35 pound for something that will end up in the bin and I am very, very diasappointed with zooplus as I have never had any complaints about any other articles I've bought.

07/07/17 | Rob

Gone downhill

Been buying this for years and last week a new 5kg bag, it's now very hard and brittle and smells nothing like tripe, I can't even explain the smell it's weird, waste of money at I'm going to bin it at can't trust its ok

05/26/17 | Philippa

Good price

I bought two packs my dogs love tripe and this is a mess free way of feeding it to them while strengthening their jaws and helping to keep their teeth healthy!

04/28/17 | Mastiff Sally

Great as 'toothbrush' at bedtime.

My dogs love this. I give them a piece at bedtime to get any bits of food - they are on a raw diet - from between their teeth. I intersperse it nightly with bulls pizzles and other good, natural, healthy chews. So much better than junk advertised as good for dogs teeth which my vet told me is "like Mars bars for dogs".

03/21/17 | Kat


Just bought this for this first time after reading reviews, My dog has kidney issues so wanted something natural. Opened the bag and tried to break it into smaller pieces,no chance, its like concrete. Cant feed in the big pieces as dog would probably choke on it. Wouldnt buy again its gone in the bin

02/05/17 | Claire

Great product, great price

We use this as dog walkers. It's great to have a product that's not full of nasties and sugar to have a first meeting. It's always a guaranteed success and you can break it so it's appropriate for the size dog. The dogs love it so we do too. Thanks for such a great product with a great price point.

12/10/16 | June Jacobs


Our dogs love it, have every day and they look forward to their beef tripe, I would like the 5kgs to be in 500g packets rather than one enormous bag