04/29/21 | J. Amos

Really disappointed

I bought several bags to stock up, after seeing the picture, as my dog goes through them really quickly I found that the first bag was mainly làrge ears with just a couple of small ones. That, apparently, was the exception as every bag since has had fewer large ears than small. The last having just four large and the rest being very small like newborn calves ears. I won't be buying again as I find this a very sneaky business.
04/25/21 | Kathy


Been buying these for years, the last one I bought had small ears and thick lumps, I have large dogs and can’t give them the small ones as they would swallow them whole, and sick them up later! 😢 going to buy another lot, if the same won’t be buying then again, Sorry!
04/06/21 | Keith Edwards

Smallest Ears

I have been purchasing these ears as treats for my Labradors . I recieved a bag that the ears were so small that Zooplus kindly replaced the whole bag. Unfortunately the replacements have turned out to have very few sized ears that are fit for Labradors. The majority are very small and are only fit for minature breeds. Needless to say the quality has become an issue and I now have to find an alternative as the small ears are far to dangerous for a medium - large breeds due to the choking risk.
01/03/20 | Charlie

Small thick ears, bad quality

I've been ordering these for my dogs since 2016. The last few orders have featured much smaller and thicker ears. The quality is noticeably less than it used to be and consequently the value for money is no longer there. I am seeking an alternative supplier.


I’ve given my two dogs these twice now and unfortunately both times they’ve yelped in pain. I’ve found incredibly sharp bits on them, almost needle like and they’ve made my dogs’ mouths bleed. It’s a shame as they love their natural treats and never had a problem with other products before. Now I’m stuck with 26 ears that won’t be eaten. Disappointed.
10/20/19 | Tiffany

Not interested

The first one I gave to my puppy she absolutely loved! The second.. nope not interested.:. Tried a third..nope not interested. They obviously don’t taste or smell appealing and she is not interested at all!

Used to be great

My dog used to love these but she’s really is t interested in the last lot as they seem to have changed. They look different and clearly they taste or smell different. What a shame as they were so good
07/18/19 | Carol Eastwood

They have changed

My dog has always loved these but for some reason won't touch the last lot I bought. So I gave them to a friend for her dog who loved them too and she won't have them either. It's a huge shame because they were an excellent treat in the past I would have given 5* s too
03/11/19 | Jayne Davis

Not the same as I previously bought

My gsd normally loves these as a treat but they look different from previous packs and she will not touch them .
02/13/19 | Anne Gardner

Variable quality and size - not as good as before

I agree with many of the other reviewers, the size and quality of these has declined over time. I tried buying the smaller packets and these have generally been larger than the ones in the 100 bag, but this comes at a higher cost. Is there a problem with supplies Zooplus? Also what happens to our accounts after Brexit?
11/16/18 | Keith Edwards

Quality has Disappeared

Have been buying these for quite a while now . I normally but the bags of 100 but the last 2 occasions have found that the quality has disappeared and the have become very small , more like mouse ears !!!! Received my latest order and the pacaking is now 3/4 the normal size for the same number of ears thereby indicating that the product is now a lot smaller..
09/22/18 | Helen Fenn

No longer a great product

Our chocolate lab has always loved these but the last bags of 100 we bought were terrible. They were very dark and smelt burnt. They were so bad our lab turned her nose up at them, which says something! Zooplus were great and refunded us but I am reluctant to order them again. Shame!

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