Astronomical Price Increase

I have purchased these quality ears along with the smoked ones for myself and 3 friends. Back in November they were £24.99, when I purchased them in April after they'd been out of stock, they were £28.99. Having been unable to order again the last two weeks, they are back in stock at £33.99. That's a huge increase in 7 months.

05/17/22 | Elaine Wilkinson

The best!

Was so disappointed when they were out of stock for so long. I hope the 100 pack will return, now worth buying less with mine.


Quality has improved

I've been buying these for years. My dogs really enjoy them. The quality went seriously down hill for a while and I considered finding a alternative. I'm glad to say the last bag I received had mostly large ears in it. I have just ordered another bag of 100 ears so here's hoping they are as good as the last.

11/17/21 | wendy kolodynska

life is hell if i run out

i have two greatdanes and a rescue boy from cyprus, smaller dog , they all love cows ears as its a supper treat , its brill that you get large ears and smaller ears , iv bought these for years from zoo plus as i cannont get a better price with the quality any where else , plus the sizes of the ears are brill , and half the fat of pigs ears , excellent


Great for a strong chewer

My golden razorw through pig ears in no time, but these last about 20 minutes, even though they're smaller. My other dog doesn't like them, but the fact they last longer for the golden is a success for me.

11/10/21 | Maltese Mum

Good value

First time purchaser of this product, was pleasantly surprised, low/no odour, nice clean feel to the chew and I thought sizes included were good. I had 2 small ones which were perfect as a trial for my two mini breeds, but all the others were good palm sized (excluding fingers)

10/04/21 | wendy kolodynska


I have 4 dogs different sizes from a great dane my largest to a staffie my smallest , these cows ears come in different sizes which is excellent for me , from great dane size to a smaller dog , iv bought these for years , best ever

09/14/21 | Megan

Good value for money

With 3 dogs we needed treats that are going to last a bit longer than 2 sittings. Even though the ears vary in sizes, that didn't really bother us. A good variety within the bag and keeps the dogs entertained for slightly longer.


Excellent Value For Money

Not sure why so many poor reviews for this product. Have been purchasing for several years now and never been disappointed. Last two bags have had good mixture of extra large and smaller ears (larger being greater quantity). Two Labs love them and last at least a few minutes :) (thats Labs for you!)

05/20/21 | Nicole

Such a shame

These ears used to be so good- mostly a decent size, and nice and thin yet long lasting. The quality has gone so far downhill now that I doubt I will buy any more, which is such a shame as my dogs used to love them and they were great value- now, a lot go to waste and with the ears that are eaten the last bit is so thick it’s a choking hazard so it has to be taken from them.

04/29/21 | J. Amos

Really disappointed

I bought several bags to stock up, after seeing the picture, as my dog goes through them really quickly I found that the first bag was mainly làrge ears with just a couple of small ones. That, apparently, was the exception as every bag since has had fewer large ears than small. The last having just four large and the rest being very small like newborn calves ears. I won't be buying again as I find this a very sneaky business.

04/25/21 | Kathy


Been buying these for years, the last one I bought had small ears and thick lumps, I have large dogs and can’t give them the small ones as they would swallow them whole, and sick them up later! 😢 going to buy another lot, if the same won’t be buying then again, Sorry!

04/06/21 | Keith Edwards

Smallest Ears

I have been purchasing these ears as treats for my Labradors . I recieved a bag that the ears were so small that Zooplus kindly replaced the whole bag. Unfortunately the replacements have turned out to have very few sized ears that are fit for Labradors. The majority are very small and are only fit for minature breeds. Needless to say the quality has become an issue and I now have to find an alternative as the small ears are far to dangerous for a medium - large breeds due to the choking risk.

02/14/21 | Annette Clark

Great Value

Compared to other brands, these are really good value. Have been ordering these for quite a few years now and never been disappointed. Yes the size varies but it is swings and roundabouts. Two packs ordered this month are really big. Ideal for my two for a long lasting treat. Smaller ones used as an extra treat. Low fat so much better than the pigs ears

08/20/20 | Rachel

Fantastic value long lasting chew

Great value. Both dogs love these.


Seems to be a lottery size wise!

My dogs love these ears.The last bag I purchased contained mainly large ears which was great as I have 3 large dogs. I give the smaller ears to my 2 Cocker spaniels. Sometimes the bag contains mostly small/medium ears which are not suitable for my large dogs. It's a lottery!

01/12/20 | Bev

What’s happened to them!!!

Bought a few 100 bags and they were brilliant,however last bag was full of tiny ears that are a choking hazard and had to bin quite a few now ,what a shame puts me off ordering more !!!!

01/03/20 | Charlie

Small thick ears, bad quality

I've been ordering these for my dogs since 2016. The last few orders have featured much smaller and thicker ears. The quality is noticeably less than it used to be and consequently the value for money is no longer there. I am seeking an alternative supplier.

12/19/19 | Louise

Natural dried cows ears - fantastic product.

My Weimaraner absolutely loves these! 100 in a huge bag and one ear will keep him occupied for about 15 mins - give or take. They are not all the same size which is fine because I can choose to give him a big one if he’s been incredibly good!!



I’ve given my two dogs these twice now and unfortunately both times they’ve yelped in pain. I’ve found incredibly sharp bits on them, almost needle like and they’ve made my dogs’ mouths bleed. It’s a shame as they love their natural treats and never had a problem with other products before. Now I’m stuck with 26 ears that won’t be eaten. Disappointed.

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