Great toy

Our lab puppy absolutely loves this! He looks ever so cute pulling it round.


My puppy's pride and joy

I bought this ahead of adopting our little Romanian rescue dog and it's been such a big hit. He LOVES his snake. When he's anxious or showing some stressy chewing behaviour, dragging it around the room is a lovely distraction for him. He likes to march around the room with it and looks very pleased with himself for conquering such a big beast! And when he settles down to chomp on it he doesn't do it any damage.

12/24/19 | CHRIS

Happy dog

These are great for my Labrador they last an a long time .This is my 3rd purchase as she gets a new one every Xmas but her she still has her tatty old ones minus squeakers



Great for the price. My dog has 3 of these. Have had them for several years. Luckily she doesn't shred her soft toys. They tend to fail on the seams for us. But a bit of stitching and they go on for a bit longer.

10/25/16 | Laura

Stronger than i first thought!

I got this for my small but fiesty 4yr old dog, he usually rips toys apart unless they are strong and made to last. This was a big long toy for him with a squeak in the head and in the body, which was great fun. He was occupied for hours with that. Its also big enough for him to sleep on so multiple uses, amazing value, and as always speedy delivery from zooplus.

02/05/16 | Red

Awesome for the price!

Bought this for our 7 month old Border Terrier puppy as he's not the hardest on toys, and most stuffed toys last him a good few months. This toy is so good for the price; it is huge, soft and nicely stuffed which makes for good chomping. It's easily become our Border's favourite toy! As I said he is not the most destructive dog so he hasn't managed to destroy it yet, but I knew if our BC x Springer got hold of it, it would be shredded in minutes ;)

01/25/16 | Ooh Betty

Snake toy

My little puppy loves this toy. It has 2 squeakers & is huge. I wrap it round the inside of her bed so she can rest her neck on it. It is also a great distraction to stop her taking the draft excluder!

08/06/15 | Claire Barker

Wonderful Toy

My dog loves this snake and picks it out of his toy box every day, he loves to shake it and squeak it and runs around the garden with it. Would thoroughly recommend this toy.