01/04/22 | T Owen

Do not give this to your dog- potentially lethal contents!

Within 5 minutes of giving these to my 2 dogs there were holes & the stuffing was coming out. However, worse was to follow. The toys have a hard & brittle plastic hollow disc filled with plastic balls inside a cloth bag in 2 of the legs. These had completely broken & very sharp pieces of plastic were poking through the exterior. One of the cloth bags had been removed & chewed by one of my dogs & it was so damaged that it was impossible to tell if any of the lethal contents had been ingested.

12/12/21 | Sarah

V thin fabric

Thin fabric, stuffing was coming through and had actually broken through in places. Not suitable for a dog

09/01/21 | Laura Caswell-Smith

Came apart immediately

My puppy loved it and started chewing right away. Unfortunately within minutes, he had ripped open one of the legs and broken the plastic container, letting the small plastic balls roll out. Obviously I was watching him but I had to act quickly before he swallowed anything. With breakable sharp plastic and small parts this definitely isn't suitable for puppies, even supervised closely.

02/18/21 | Sue


My cocker spaniel had this in pieces within a couple of minutes of giving it to her. After seeing the holes after the first couple of times endless to say it went in the bin within the week of it being purchased



I have just bought this toy for my 7 month old pup and within the space of an hour a hole has appeared in one of the legs and the rattle which is made of plastic has completely shattered. My pup may well have swallowed parts of this toy and may need veterinary attention now. It is extremely unsafe and most definitely not suitable for puppies!


Not impressed

Face got ripped within 5 minutes and stuffing pulled out

01/20/21 | jacklyn Dawson


Bought this for my 16wk shih tzu pup, started with having to wash & put in dryer as was casting, within 2wks in bin as fell to bits

12/06/20 | Mark A

Do not buy this

Within 10 minutes the stitching had come undone exposing a plastic squeak & the inner stuffing. Cheap yes but come on... should be removed from sale altogether!

05/29/20 | Sue

Does not last

The day this was delivered I gave it to my cocker spaniel and within 20mins she had bitten a hole in one of the feet and was chewing on the squeeker from inside. This is poor for an item that is supposed to be a dog toy.

09/28/19 | Dmitriy Mukhtarov

Dangerous toy for young dogs

I wonder what sort of idiot came up with an idea of putting inside little plastic containers with plastic balls that 1 damages puppy's teeth and 2 breaks easily into sharp small pieces.

07/13/19 | Jo

Contains easily broken plastic!

I bought one of these toy sheep a few years ago and it's lasted ages! I thought I would upgrade and bought this but it's lasted 6 weeks. One of my dogs has chewed on the feet area to try to get to the squeaky or rustling sounds and today has crunched his through the plastic it contains, and swallowed some before I could get to him. I cut the other foot apart to see the contents it's broken plastic... assuming the dog has broken it previously. Very dangerous toy!


Not safe as a dog toy!

There are rattles in the feet made of hard plastic and small balls. My terrier got them out in minutes and chewed them to pieces. I’m glad she didn’t swallow them otherwise it would have been a trip to the vets.


second time around not so good ....

I have one of these already, which is robust and well made, but I ordered a second for when it is in the wash. The second one is of a totally different quality: the stuffing was kind of on the meagre side, and one of the squeakers didn't work when it arrived. More concerningly, the stitching round its face came undone after only two days (and she is not a chewer) and she ended up with a large moutfhul of stuffing. I'm now a bit more wary of letting her play with the other one.

09/15/16 | Nicky

Absolutely Useless

Had the squeaker out in 5 minutes. He is a small terrier and not destructive. Absolutely a waste of money. Has kept other soft sqeaky toys for a couple of months

06/06/15 | Natascha

Broke after 12 hours

I thought this would be a nice toy for my Springer Spaniel puppy, but after a day playing with it the stitching on the back of the sheep. Dakota really enjoyed the sheep, she really loved it and carried it around with her all day as if it was her security blanket. I can fix the stiching because I can saw but that is not the point. If I wanted to saw her a stuffed toy I would have done that and not bought one. But I guess what can you expect from a £3.99 toy?

10/30/14 | Cav Mum

Came apart on first play session

The first time my 10 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel played with this the stitching on the back came undone

08/15/10 | Joanne

Dog toy sheep

Please be aware that this toy is not made very well and is not worth £9.99. My dog managed to crack the rattling disc in the legs within a few mins. However, he then chewed the leg, the fabric split. The rattling disc that had split was made up of tiny balls, which were now loose. This could have been extremely dangerous had I not managed to get the toy off him before he swallowed the tiny balls. Only buy this toy if your dog never chews anything. My dog does not chew toys often, but it appears that a hard disc within the leg was too much temptation for him. Caution. Toy now unusable after a few mins!