Not much left of it, ready for bin !!

12/07/21 | Nicky

Lasted two hours

Nuala our Romanian rescue managed to destroy this in two hours, the previous Kong toys are still okay. Not sure if this is a manufacturing fault

09/27/20 | Debashish

Lasted for 1 day only

Squeaker is big but not durable. As it is big, the dog can bite and puncture it very easily. It lasted only a day for my dogs and very disappointing for all of us.


KONG Huggz Fox

disappointed. Hoped this would last longer than the 30 seconds it took for my mastiff to burst the squeaker and chew it all out of shape. Hoped the fact that is was a Kong would keep her occupied for a few weeks at least



After reading the reviews I felt confident that the toy would last a while. Product was delivered on time. My dog loved the toy and it's very loud squeak. The squeak lasted a few hours until he punctured it. The toy lasted a day. I bought the kong toy because of quality and toughness as I have a very distructive junior dog that loves to chew.