04/30/21 | Chris

Not great

Literally gave one of these to my lab as soon as I arrived home and within half an hour of chewing the fabric on the out edge is torn and exposing the inner. Waste of money paying extra thinking a Kong toy would be more durable.


Demolished within 48hrs

Immediately loved by our boxer but utterly destroyed within 48hours - not robust at all. Now left with the rope entrails only.

07/17/20 | Caroline


Our pup was given the smaller one as a welcome gift from a friend and that has lasted up to 6 mths. Today Knot Bear was no more so the med/ large one I'd purchased the other week in anticipation of this demise was unpacked. Sadly this Knot Bear is also no more. Within 8 hours of opening, the gubbins have been chewed out. Very disappointing in comparison to the original ☹️

12/09/17 | B S Polglaze

Lasted only a few days

After less than a week my 4-year old German Spitz had chewed her way into the toy, disembowelled it leaving carnage all over the floor, removed the squeaker, partially eaten the 'rope' (not so much rope as plaited string, in my opinion) 'skeleton' and subsequently vomited it back up. This toy was binned after only a few days use by a small dog weighing about 8.5Kg.