Grey Kong Teddy Bear

Had several of these for my 2 dogs and also bought as gifts. However the quality doesn't appear to be what is was, the most recent one bought for a family members dog (small / medium) 'grey' bear is shedding lots of fibres -not great :(


Sadly, not impressed

Within a few hours bear lost its ears .... sad that it doesn’t last as long as previous buys

02/06/20 | Sarah

Lasted 25 mins with a 7 month old lab pup

Ripped to pieces in minutes and rope core shredded. Would not purchase again.



This lasted 5mins before the seam had gone, and she is not a ruff dog

12/19/19 | Dave Bates

Not robust

My American Bulldog destroyed this in approximately 35 seconds and then bit through the ropes inside.

09/28/19 | JULIE FOX

Kong Fail

Or Siberian Husky Max had this for 2 hours before he had the squeak and stuffing out. Not impressed for a Kong product will be letting them know on their site.


Burst open within two weeks

I have a 2 year old chihuahua and thought this toy would be a great size and based on previous kong product experience i thought this would be of good quality but it burst open within two weeks.



Stitching came undone fist day..inner stuffing came out everywhere! Avoid “Dangerous” dog can choke!

04/13/18 | Kaylie Mitchell


I've purchased this product, a hardwearing brand like Kong I thought would be perfect for my puppy beagle (not pitbull), It was delivered a one o'clock yesterday, less then 30 minutes later, she's pulled both ears off and nearly the arm! Whereas I have cheap toys like a fluffy burger and pink that have lasted well over six months. Do not both if you have a puppy or a dog more powerful then a beagle!!

03/02/18 | Elizabeth Deavall

Kong bear small/med

My puppy is 7 months and has had the smallest size and still going strong now. Got the next size up and didn’t last a day, split and she was eating stuffing, got another one, same thing happened. Not good.

02/08/18 | GS

Wrecked in under an hour!

Within 5 minutes my puppy was pulling the filling out and trying to eat it! So I removed all the filling that he would be able to get to but within an hour he'd completely bitten through the rope in the left arm. Yet another supposedly tough toy thrown in the bin. Not best pleased.

01/17/18 | Marketa Zvelebil

Destroyed in 5 minutes

I was hoping that this toy would last a bit longer then previous ones, having read some of the positive reviews. However, within 5 minutes I was picking pieces of filling.

10/04/17 | John Hancock


Bought this toy teddy for my dog as reviews said it was sturdy. What a load of rubbish it lasted him 2 hours before he had ripped it to pieces, dont waste your money.

09/09/17 | Andrew

Not as tough as description implies

Bought this for my 8 month Lab/Retriever. There is a picture of one snuggled up to this toy in the ad. Within 30mins the stuffing was out of the head of the toy and within 24hrs the rope skeleton was chewed to bits too.

05/24/16 | Elaine Tidwell

Not Husky Puppy Proof

Gave this to my 7 month old Husky, destroyed within 10minutes! He tore the leg off and pulled the stuffing out. This was not during rough play, just sat in his cage so not tough enough in my opinion.

04/17/16 | Ron

Waste of money

Took delivery of this toy today and have my dog it to play with. It lasted no longer than ten minutes before he was almost choking on the stuffing!!! Total waste of money and highly disappointed in Kong.