05/04/22 | Alex Ritchie

My dog's favourite

My terrier is very destructive when it comes to her toys but this one always lasts longer than the rest!
02/21/22 | Maxine Johnson

Lasted 2 minutes

This toy should not be sold as a Kong it lasted 2 minutes befor my small dog ripped his ears off


Not much left of it, ready for bin !!
12/07/21 | Nicky

Lasted two hours

Nuala our Romanian rescue managed to destroy this in two hours, the previous Kong toys are still okay. Not sure if this is a manufacturing fault

Far from "resilient" and "long lasting"

We bought this toy for our greyhound who loves squeaky but soft toys. She is a very efficient chewer so thought this kong toy labelled as long lasting and resilient would last more than other toys would. Out of all the toys on Zooplus, this came out with pretty good reviews so we gave it a try. However, Daisy managed to destroy the whole toy in under half an hour, removing all legs/ears (even the stuffed nose) and pulling the large squeak out before puncturing it. Disappointing!
12/16/20 | Helen

Great toy!

Great toy although looking a bit worse for wear! Favourite toy ever - just buying another one for a present now....
11/17/20 | Kirin

Best Kong toy!

Kong toys are the best toys for dogs, in my opinion. They are virtually indestructible - unlike cheaper plush toys which last five minutes with my three. They are ripped to pieces, leaving the stuffing everywhere. I have the knotted fox, the octopus and this 'fox' which looks more like a bear to me. This one is the absolute favourite of my terrier. It still squeaks and has been washed many times, but still looks perfect. I'm going to buy another one in case anything happens to the original!
09/27/20 | Debashish

Lasted for 1 day only

Squeaker is big but not durable. As it is big, the dog can bite and puncture it very easily. It lasted only a day for my dogs and very disappointing for all of us.
08/18/20 | Kate Fabian

Squeak from hell

We bought ours 3 months ago, and it is still working. Our Labrador plays with it often. Each time she plays with it, my husband tells me he hates me. I hate myself too. Squeaking is extremely intense and loud, just a light touch when dog hits it with a paw is enough to activate it. Dog loves it, so 5 stars from her.


My dog ruined this toy within hours of opening it, I would not recommend it. The rubber toys (the ring) and Kong bear toys are better. Very disappointed with this.
05/17/20 | Alex Ritchie

Great for big chewers

My terrier is a fervent toy chewer, matching most big dogs. She destroys pretty much every toy I give her, including the majority of Kongs. This one has to have lasted at least 6 months though, so I'm really pleased!
04/28/20 | Livia Iglodiova

Fantastic - we love KONG toys but this one especially

Big fans of Kong toys in our household of 2 hard chewers - Doberman's. This one is one of the favourites - the squeaky lasts forever, had to repair the surface and purchased a new one not so long ago. Lasted about 2 months - excellent value for money.

KONG Huggz Fox

disappointed. Hoped this would last longer than the 30 seconds it took for my mastiff to burst the squeaker and chew it all out of shape. Hoped the fact that is was a Kong would keep her occupied for a few weeks at least

It can be destroyed

My Border Collie Cross destroyed this toy in 5 minutes.. Struggling to find toys he does not destroy!

Maybe OK for puppies

Lasted less than 5 mins. My 2 year old lab destroyed this toy completely. The product says suitable for light chewing but it didn't say this on the advert product description.


After reading the reviews I felt confident that the toy would last a while. Product was delivered on time. My dog loved the toy and it's very loud squeak. The squeak lasted a few hours until he punctured it. The toy lasted a day. I bought the kong toy because of quality and toughness as I have a very distructive junior dog that loves to chew.
12/10/17 | B S Polglaze

It's OK, nothing more

This toy very quickly had it's ears, arms & legs chewed off. So far (2 weeks) the torso has survived & the very loud squeeker is still in place & working. It's not that popular with either dog, although they will chase after it if it's thrown. Usually it's just left lying around for us to tread on.
07/08/17 | Abygail Frazer

Very durable.

Another great toy from kong. Have had it months and although a bit slobbery still look a small good as new! Plus my dog loves the squeaker!

labrador resistent

My dog has managed to destroy every furry toy that we have bought him, however, this one is different and although he is always squeaking it and playing with it, it is as good as new

Great fun

I bought this at Christmas for my two springers, although the youngest (4yrs) had chew into a corner with in minutes this toy still remain a great source of entertainment for them both. Hard to believe but the squeaker does still work even when the main toy is punctured. This toy is described as suitable for light chewers so I guess I was hoping for miracles with my two. Although it's now destroyed they still both prefer this toy to any of their others so as far as I'm concerned it has been great value for money

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