06/14/22 | Rachel

Best frisbee around

I have a staffy who absolutely loves to chew toys! This is his upmost favourite toy and it is still in one piece after 9months!

Broken in 1 hour

I have a golden retriever puppy (just turned 9 months) who managed to successfully destroy this within the hour. Gutted as I thought kong toys were meant to be great. Kong extremes seem to have lasted so far though. Wouldn't buy this again.

I want to shake the hand of the person who invented this

It won't stand up to big dogs who love to chew, but for small to medium dogs or most large dogs it's perfect. Better than tennis balls that wear out way too fast.

Doesn't stand up to a strong-mouthed dog

My border collie loves these - trouble is he mouths his toys and, after a couple of days there are puncture holes in the centre of the frisbee and eventually you're left with a ring but no centre. We now have three in the garden. I reckon they last about a month. I only keep buying them as he enjoys them so much.
01/16/21 | Laura

Tough durable frisbee

This has lasted over 4 months of daily use, my sprollie pup is now 8 months and will routinely prance around with it folded over in his mouth, chewing on it before bringing it back, and it’s still going strong. Only down side is it sinks in deep puddles so have had to fish it out of a couple! Flies well, Great toy.
09/19/20 | Jon Short

Kong flier

My whippet loved it, but it's too heavy to fly properly and he's made a hole in it in one outing! Wolf of the Wilderness collapsible frisbee is a far superior product.


It’s nice and flimsy but also weighted, so it flies well and doesn’t hurt the dog when they catch it wrong. My dog loves it more than balls.
02/26/20 | Danny Hayes


Got this free with the points I had collected. Our 2 labs absolutely love it. They fight to see who's going to carry it. This is a soft frisbee which is better if they try to catch it. Highly recommended.
05/26/19 | James

Our Staffie's fav toy!

Our Staffie loves chasing her frisbee on a walk. It's plenty tough enough but we don't leave it with her alone with it because even Kong can't survive Staffie Love. She has an old one that we let her chew the middle out of and now it's her favourite tug-o-war toy. Highly recommended! I always keep a spare in case I lose one. I can't stand the guilt and the look on her face :(

Fab Frisbee

My dog loves this, it is weighty and durable and flies really well. It is also flexible so no worries about injuring her mouth when she catches it in midair, my dog refuses to get out of the car on walks until I give it to her! If you're looking for a decent frisbee I'd recommend this one.


This is fantastic and excellent value for money. We bought the first one over five years ago and our Chesapeake would not go on a walk without it. It is true the softness makes it prone to damage if a dog chews hard, as other reviewers have complained. However, when he was younger our dog would chase it and grab it out of the air. Here the softness is a great advantage, as it reduces the risk of injury. In other words, it is not 'rubbish' per se, it really depends on what your dog is doing with its toys. Over time the odd one disappeared, either because another dog got hold of it and destroyed it or because we managed to throw it into ditches, lakes, rivers etc. - it does not float! What have we learned from that? Simply always to have a spare one at home. After all, we wouldn’t want a disappointed, moping dog, would we now?!
04/24/15 | vivster

Best buy, lots of fun!

I recently bought this for my 18 month old staffie. We have taken it out the past two days & he loves it! It's made of great material for him. I've bought quite a few bits for him since I've had him (2 months)& I have to say, this is something I'm chuffed as nuts to have bought. He's had a go at chewing it whilst out...but nope..its chew proof! He likes it so much, he wanted to carry it to and from home!..... brilliant buy in my opinion!
04/22/15 | Vivster

Best buy and lots of fun

Hi, I bought this for my 17 month staffie dog to take out with us for something different to chase. I took it out today for the first time & I have to say, of all the things he likes to fetch, this outweighs any! He loved it. Its made of brilliant material, so it cant hurt his teeth. He cant chew it to bits (though he did try a couple of times!) & it was just great fun for him and for me! Because of the material it is made of, it can bend, so he had some great fun with it. He was so chuffed with his new toy, that he wanted to carry it all the way home in his mouth to show it off! I would say one of the best purchases toy wise, that I have made for my boy.
04/17/15 | Chris

Kong Flyer Dog Frisbee

Don't buy if you have a staffy or other breed which likes to chew! My dog LOVED it and had great fun chasing it for half an hour before he got the middle out. We have continued to use it but after only a few more play times he's now split the "ring" that was left. His other Kong toys are brilliant but this is definitely NOT "durable".
09/18/12 | Simon F

Great Frizbee for Ninja Collies

Been through several Frizbees..and Kong is easily the best...only slight downside, it's very light...so don't use in a strong wind!...or it may disappear for ever

robust and gentle on the mouth

This is a great toy - stands up to a lot of chewing and is made of nice soft rubber so is gentle on the mouth for the dog to catch. An excellent buy, highly recommended.
01/28/12 | Karen


My collie is addicted to his frisbees. He chews them constantly and one year on they are still intact. Fanatstic buy and very good value.
11/29/10 | mel

Indestructible - 1 year on

Got this for our dog Dooki, he chews it, fights with it, loves to play catch, great toy, and it's still in pristine condition. I echo the other comments, he can't pick it up on flat ground/tarmac etc but as we play in the field this isn't a problem. He does get mouthfuls of grass but great fun for him, easy for him to carry around in his mouth and run with, and if like me you can't throw a ball very far then it's perfect. Bear in mind that as its rubber it's not going to go as far as a normal lightweight plastic frisbee.

my dog loves it

this is my dogs favorite toy, it flies well and is very strong. he has had his one for about 5 months and loves to chew but it is still in one piece. the only problem i have found is it can be difficult for him to pick up and cant use it on the beach as he ends up eating the sand every time he picks it up.

amazing and long lasting

My Collie had been through 3 frisbees in 3 weeks. We bought this one because Kong have a good reputation and we weren't disapointed. It flys very well and is easy for kita to catch. It is soft and bendy so doesn't hurt her mouth. The only small snag is that its hard for her to pick up on tarmac but fine on grass. She loves it and so far it's lasted 6 weeks without a scratch on it. I highly recomend this product. Well worth the money if your dog is mad about frisbees like mine!

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