05/01/22 | Madeleine

Fabulous, multi-dimensional

Used my saved reward points to purchase this, my dog is obsessed, the squeak, the little tennis ball inside, the large size and colour and very durable as my dog is a high level chewer.
04/29/22 | Janine

He loves it

Our black GSD absolutely loves this toy, although like the other reviewers say, it’s a bit noisy-especially when we’re trying to watch TV! He usually destroys regular tennis balls very quickly with his strong jaws and teeth, but after a week, this one seems to be hanging on. We just have to remember to throw it outside when we need some peace!!

J R T wins

Sorry Kong. My Jack Russell took 5 minutes to disable the squeaker. Merciful really. Now he just chews the handle. Won’t be long before that’s disabled too
03/12/22 | Denise MacDonald

Great idea but not for a chewer

My dog enjoyed it for the 15 mins before he’d chewed a hole in it. Luckily I got the bits before he swallowed them.
12/26/21 | Louwab Mini Bulls

Brilliant toy

Fantastic tough toy. My mini bull terriers love these. They have been well used and still in good condition! I’m chuffed as it’s never easy finding something that will last! The squeaker and the ball rolling about inside makes it’s so much fun!

Favourite toy!

My lab puppy wasn't too sure of this at first but from about 5 months in, it's been his absolute favourite. So good for playing tug of war. It is very loud so don't buy it if you're adverse to squeaking! He brings it to me constantly now. It's so strong too - withstands 30kg of Labrador pulling at it with all his might.
05/20/21 | Teresa Paterson

The most annoying dog toy in the world

He loved it, won't stop playing with it, he takes it everywhere, even on walks. He won't leave it
05/04/21 | Claire Smith

Excellent entertainment.

We have a collie shepherd cross with strong teeth. We’ve had this toy 2 months. She takes it outside to push around and chase. It keeps her entertained for hours.
05/02/21 | Anitra Keen

Jumbler ball

I used my points to purchase this ball, one of my dogs constantly chews through his toys, in a few minutes or a day or two, this ball is great and he has been unable to chew through it and destroy it so far, had for a couple of weeks now, is a bit noisy though so glad when it's time for bed.

Golden retriever friendly

Got this using my zooplus rewards last year thinking it’d last two minutes like every other toy we get our retriever does, she shreds the toughest toys like a pro and knows the weak points on toys, strangely enough this is still going strong nearly a year on and she’s chewed at it loads to try get to the ball inside! Really really impressed!!
12/10/20 | Susan Saunders

virtually indestructible

Our dog destroys most squeaky toys within minutes, hours or days but this one has lasted weeks already. We only use it up the park and she has great fun with it. The handles are great for us, making it easy to pick up and throw. Can highly recommed.
10/05/20 | Kelly Dockar

Amused him for hours!!

My dog loved this toy, has kept him amused for months... just buying him a new one as a treat!! Xx
09/27/20 | Louise Rhodes

Jumble ball

Fantastic. My dog could not burst this but kept him trying!

Didn’t last 5minutes

Bought two for my dogs, one golden retriever girl and a golden doodle boy.. they both ate through them within 5minutes. Both dogs aren’t even 2 yet, thought they would of lasted a lot longer since it’s a Kong. Very disappointed as they aren’t cheap

Good for an hour

Very good until your dog don't find weak point. After that is in peaces in minutes. Very worrying small ball inside. Not for large dogs!

Mikey The Pup Doberman

Mikey absolutely loves it, easy to hold and so far has been destroyed by a pup Dobi. He loved the squeak (we didnt) but within 2 weeks the squeak stopped. He tries so hard to make it squeak but of course it's just air sounds now.
12/06/19 | Brogan

Great until it stops squeaking

My dog absolutely loved this toy and wouldn’t let anyone else get a look in until it stopped squeaking after two days.. now she doesn’t even look at it. It would be a brilliant toy for dogs as the rubber is really hard wearing but if your dog likes squeaky toys then it’s not worth it. Really disappointed.
11/27/19 | Leanne


Kong always seem to be the best products for my Boarder Collie! He's obsessed with the plain Kong squeaky tennis balls so getting him interested in anything else is hard but he loves this. The product is soft rubber and is easy for him to pick up and soft enough that when he bites it it gives so it's hard for him to pierce through it, the tennis ball in the middle keeps him interested and he loves the squeak... especially when it's bed time for his humans
04/02/19 | sam wickham

not that tough

got this for my staffy girl, she loved it, after a few hours she’d almost chewed the handle bits off and made a hole in it. lesson learned there, stick to the black extreme toys
11/28/18 | Agnieszka Dobrzynska

my dog destroyed this ball quickly

My dog -american bulldog loved this ball ...unfortunately he destroyed it within 15 minutes - he chewed big hole , and he removed small ball that was inside out.. This is lovely toy, superb quality but will not last long in a paw of bigger dogs that loves chew ..I would still highly recommended for medium and smaller dogs

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