02/27/22 | Nick Claridge

Lasted less than 30 seconds literally!!!

My dog Khan a Dogue de Bordeaux is not a destroyer of balls generally but squeeked it approximately 3 times before that stopped and then bit through it, the ball went into the bin within minutes literally as he had torn a hole in it, would not recommend for larger dogs!
05/02/21 | Paul Smith


I have a Belgian Malinos and a Tennis ball ( even a "dog" tennis Ball ) lasts 20-30 minutes, so I ordered these and would have considered an hour a success ( several hours a triumph)! The squeaker stopped after 10 Days, the ball split after 17 and 4 weeks later she is still using it and I have not had to give her another! I am amazed - Great product at a cost effective price. Will be ordering more.
04/15/21 | Melissa

Rottweiler approved

These are the only tennis balls I now buy, cheaper ones have always split but these are brilliant, one Rottie will play Fetch and carry the ball everywhere while the other will just strip the felt off (he no longer is allowed these balls haha)
02/23/21 | PR Wickenden

Te best we’ve found (over many years)

Our dogs don’t play fetch, they seem to think “why do I bother bringing it to you, when all you do is throw it away!”. But they do like squeaking a tennis ball. We’ve used these for years. A tad unreliable in that some squeaks will last 3 weeks and others less than 10 minutes. Our Tibetan Terrier boy could rip one to bits in 10 minutes, when he was younger, but then everything went the same way at that time.
06/05/20 | Carolyn Bruter

Dog Rated

I have two Staffie's who absolutely love this balls in all sizes! We have different games for them and yes sometimes they get chewed up if they play tug with them. But who cares when they give so much pleasure! Great price compared to any other store :)
05/16/20 | Malky


Excellent balls for my puppy he loves them great design with squeaker inside..
04/29/20 | Emily

Good value

My dog likes playing with these. They seem to stop squeaking if they get wet but they're too big for her to squeeze anyway. Taken on 2 walks so far and look new still
03/22/19 | Beverley Wright

Best toy

I bought several of these and I have to say my 1 year old and 11 year old dogs love them. They ignore any other toy now and play constantly with these Kong balls.
02/08/19 | Kirsty

Five stars from the dog, not me.

I am pleased that Zooplus offer these balls at the cheapest price available because despite the deserved one star reviews, I continue to buy them by the bucket load. They do only squeak for 2 mins but it is 2 mins of unbridled dog-joy. They are squeaked to death, then, clutched between front paws, a small hole is nibbled in the felt and the plastic squeaker is withdrawn and spat out. The ball is then peeled of it's felt like an orange and the remaining rubber is chewed into bits. Next!
12/10/18 | Paul Dixon

Lasted 15 minutes

These balls lasted 15 minutes. My dog (staffie/pointer) managed to rip a hole (YES, A HOLE!!!) in these balls very fast and started eating the felt. I caught him just before he ate the squeaker. So I then bought the larger kong airdog squeakair balls and they stopped squeaking after 1 hour, which is a waste of money as I only bought them as he likes the squeaking! AVOID!

Kong 🎾

Absolute waste of money don’t last 5 minutes, my advice don’t waste your money
09/29/18 | Heather

De squeaked in 5 minutes

Apart from losing the squeak so quickly - the worrying thing was my border terrier could easily rip off the covering. I was so concerned Ive thrown all three away - too dangerous to take a chance.
09/13/18 | Roo

Never goes out of favour!

Our staffy-x loves to chase these. The squeaker is super loud (don't raise it up to head-height while squeaking!! Can feel the nerve cells perish!) so good as an attention grabber / recall toy in the park. Stood up to staffy chewing - ours likes to peel the fuzz like an orange, so we have a fairly high turnover, but they don't moult otherwise, and soft enough for indoor use. Slightly smaller than a standard tennis ball I think, so may pose a swallowing hazard for very large dogs.

The loudest toy I've ever heard

My dog loves tennis balls and squeaky toys the most, so this was a must for us! Moreover, the sound is absolutely horrible, it is very loud, I have never seen a dog squeaky toy as loud as this one. For my ears the worst toy ever, but the dog still loves it.


Bought 2 of these for my GSD, squeaker stopped working after one day's play so now he is not interested in them.
01/08/18 | Debra Baker

Shortest Squeak yet !!

Two brand new large balls both lost there squeak on the first play within minutes. I have been buying these Kong balls for years but have noticed the deterioration in quality on my last few months purchases. So she now has a lot of brand new looking balls with no 'squeak' which defeats the object of buying them
11/01/17 | Angela

Fletcher loves these

I have brought these a few time, they are great value for money and my Boxer loves them. Sometimes he chews them and thoroughly enjoys doing it and sometimes he doesn't. He likes to hide them round the house and he knows where they all are.

Not as robust as other kong toys

Each lasted no more than 10 minutes of chewing by my border collie before they split - so no probably not as long lasting as a second hand tennis ball

Last much longer

Good quality but mainly due to the fact that the squeak makes her look after them, she likes to carry them for longer
01/24/17 | NICK ABBOTT

no good

very poor quality for kong. our sprocker does n't chew the balls but just by shutting her jaws on the ball made it split, back to the 2nd hand tennis ball now

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