02/22/22 | Shelley


I was expecting Trixie dried sprats and these turned up. They look like they have been dragged from the bottom of the sea, de-hydrated to the point of being skeletal and stuffed in a bag. They haven't been cleaned off and look covered in reddish sand/mud. I run a doggy daycare business and some of my 'discerning' customers are sticking their noses up at these. I don't blame them!

02/02/22 | Jeanette Brown

Not good

I usually get Trixie brand & didn’t realise these where going to be any different , the quality is not good , the bags are full of dust & tiny pieces , I won’t be ordering these again

01/27/22 | Susan Cooper

Not very good

These are awful, too dry, flat and mostly like dust. Nothing like the other ones I normally buy. Will not buy again.


Very poor quality

My dog usually loves dried fish but she is spitting them out. They are to dry and hard.


Not sprats

Maybe 1 out of every 10 creatures in the packet is a spray...but most are small sea creatures (including prawn) ... my dog who's a gut bucket couldn't run away faster when I opened the bag. The one time she actually took a fish - she spat it out. Should have believed the other reviews...tossed out the whole bag because even the neighbour's cat won't eat it.

08/07/21 | Daniel Sims

Plastic hazard

Was fine till I got to the bottom and found alot of snails and a small plastic bottle. I have labradors, they eat first think later, luckily I saw it could have been a very poorly dogs

05/08/21 | Andy Boxer


I had to throw these out as the quality were below average. The sprats stunk off and contents of packet was very powdery, even the dogs turned away from them. These were not the same make as I have had before. Will avoid buying these in future.


Awful product - don’t buy!

Ordered these in error, thought they were the Trixie brand that I usually order. Product arrived and looked like the bags were filled with powder. The dried fish had disintegrated, they were shrivelled up and smelled awful, sos much so that even my greedy dogs refused to eat them. Needless to say they ended up in the bin. Worst low grade product ever and a complete waste of money.

04/26/21 | Andy boxer


These are the worst sprats i have bought. Very powdery and really smell bad. Different to the ones I have bought from you before.

03/27/21 | Jan

smelly and wonderful

Mt dogs adore them. They are small and smelly such as any self respecting pooch would like. Great addition to the diet and better as a treat than dog biscuits.

03/15/21 | Jacqui Meads

My pups go to treat!!!

LOADS in a bag & full of low calorie goodness. My pup loves these over all others. Sadly my Husband hates them due to the smell every time the cupboard door is opened!!!😂 They are now stored outside. I will try the Trixie sprats out of curiosity due to the reviews. ThanX


Great high protein, low fat treats

Best dog treats ever. My labrador loves them and they stop her putting too much weight on. What could be healthier than fish? One bag lasts for ages.

04/15/20 | Caroline Barnett


Absolutely disgusting! Dogs wouldn’t even eat them. Binned the lot. Will definately get trixie sprats from now on! DO NOT BUY!!

02/28/20 | Jackie Waddell

Vile and disgusting

After reading other reviews, I decided to buy these and also the Trixie Dried Sprats, so that I could compare for myself. These dried sprays are vile and disgusting! They are brown in colour and look like they are decayed and the bag is full of dust and detritus. I can clearly see that some fish are not even sprats! There is also what appears to be bits of insects in the pack too. The Trixie Dried Sprats are so much better and work out cheaper! Zooplus customer service immediately refunded me.

01/20/20 | The Doghouse

Anaemic and stale

I wish I'd taken notice of some of the other reviews. These fish are anaemic looking and they smell more like bull pizzles than fish. Nowhere near the quality of the Trixie sprats. Won't be buying again

06/16/19 | Mark Petchey

Dried sprats

Lots of bits and dust, not very well dried one dog ate them one (Who loves the Trixie sprats) won’t touch them. Will not buy again


Dogs love them!

By far their best treat.

04/12/19 | KI


my pro fish dog won't eat it

03/27/19 | scabbydog


bought by mistake as i always buy the trixie sprats which are moist,oily and healthy. these sprat were very dry and dusty, like old cardboard. no evidence of any moisture or oil. my dog allergic to dust mites so they went to the local pigs.


Fishes for all size dishes!

The great thing about these Spratts over others is the variety of sizes in the pack. Can pick out appropriate ones for Newfoundland and cockapoo, and all the others in between! They all love them, yep, even the really spoiled cockapoo! Not just little fishes for little dishes!! 😂