Great and last more than 10 seconds with a lab!

My girl can whizz through a treat in seconds....with these she takes minutes instead. Great treat

07/02/20 | Stacey

Multi pack of pigs ears

My dog loves them and good value for money

12/24/19 | Howard Morgan

Pigs ears

Not worth the price, 3 decent out of 10, The rest only 1/4 of the normal size , I feel cheated

08/06/19 | Fiona


My lab loves them as a treat once a week

05/03/19 | michael sheldon


my staffy loves these pigs ears..they are massive



We receied our order of pigs ears and was very disapointed with what we received there was in a bag of ten pigs ears 5 whole ears and 5 bits of ears we will not buy them again once again very disapointed.


Huge ears

Dogs love them Received them today They are massive Bigger than my hands Must be giant pigs ears

12/07/16 | Szilvia


Great stuff for dogs!! It's not smelly and quite big ears ,my dog 4 months old Bernese and she is loving it! :)

04/04/16 | Stephanie Preston

Great value

These are loved by my puppy who is teething. They keep him occupied for hours and don't smell.

02/18/16 | Rose Mort

Definitely buy again

Great value for money. Our dogs love them. Won't be buying from anywhere else.

06/08/14 | alison scott

good treat

My 4 small dogs love these. I cut them in half so my smaller to fit in tiny mouths.

03/28/14 | Jennie

Pigs' Ears

Brilliant value for money and even better value this month :-)

03/14/14 | Nikki Carey

Brilliant value and quality

Bought these expecting the tiny sized ones you seem to get in the supermarket these days but I was really pleased as they were a good size and good quality. Will be buying again.

12/21/12 | Samantha

Will buy again!

I was very impressed with this product and so were Jack (Black Lab) and Chester (Beagle). Very fast delivery and good sized ears!!! All were circa 10cm portions of piggy heaven!!!! will definitely buy again!!! thanks zooplus.....

09/07/12 | tracy gourlay

yummy and good for my teeth!!

I'm a 8 year old black lab called murphy and thanks to these ears i have the teeth of a puppy and no stinky breath!!!Plus they're yummy and takes me a good twenty minutes to chomp them down!!!Yum yum

09/06/12 | Simon

My Chocolate Lab Loves Em'

Give n to my chocolate lab after a long walk in the park. He knows he is going to get a treat when he leaves the park, and so leaving is not so much as a chore as it used to be. Lasts him about 20 minutes, but he is a lab after all

07/11/12 | Alfie the Greyhound

Great Value

I'm a 3yr old ex-racing Greyhound I absolutely love them, gone in one sitting. p.s. try the Pigs Ear Auricles they are brilliant too!!!!!



We have two, Labrador/Collie cross, dogs. Both enjoy pigs ears as a treat. Always consumed in one sitting. Never been sick after eating them. Never had loose stools after eating them.