07/15/20 | Stacey Leeming

Good product

My dog loves them

04/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Really great

With these chews I have to watch out that my fingers don't disappear in my dog's mouth along with the chew! I've never seen him snap up a treat so quickly! A good size, and they smell quite good too - very happy customers.

04/19/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great snack for dogs, but not cheap!

Rocco Chings Chicken is a bit cheaper, so those are our "normal" treats. The duck breast ones are only for a very special treat, and the dogs get even more excited when we get them out - they never last long around our dogs!

02/22/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Our dogs love them!

Rocco Chings Duck Breast strips are really good quality and healthy snacks. Our dogs go crazy for them (both Chihuahua mix)

07/06/13 | jennifer


always get these when ordering from zooplus for my chihuahua who utterly adores them, easy to tear so great to take out on walks. sad to see they're out of stock augh!


Rocco Chings Duck Breast

My dog loves these duck breast pieces and can't get enough of them - they're always digested fine as well, 5 stars from us!

09/04/12 | Paul

Very tasty and digestible!

One of my dogs seems to have an intolerance to chicken so I am switching all proteins to duck. I have tried Rocca chicken breast & strips but the duck breast is superior. The latter 2 are hard and two of my dogs found them difficult to chew. The Rocca duck is better quality meat and much easier to digest. There is about 12 in a pack but be warned my dogs eat them very quickly. If you are looking for better value: chicken breast. If you are looking for the best quality: duck breast.