05/11/21 | Janet Covacic

Favourite treats

My dogs love these treats and go md when they see the bags. They go mad when the box arrives from Zoo plus.

11/14/20 | Maureen Quinn

My German Shepherd Dog Sheba adores these !

Sheba simply adores these chings so much more than anything and would happily eat a pack at a time if she could. It is certain that these will be on her Santa's list this year!

06/26/20 | Milena

Healthy snack

Warning: if you buy it once... I made this mistake and now I need to keep on buying. I'm being literally harassed by my dogs of they won't get their chingos every evening!

06/16/20 | Trisha

Dog loves these

My dog loves these chicken strips. The Rocco ones come in at a great price compared to all others. So glad I found them as it was costing me a fortune buying others at the local shops.

02/06/20 | Milena

Brilliant, wallet friendly

Perfect mid-day snack. Low-fat, no garbage in ingredients. Nothing to upset a tummy and low-calorie. My both dogs will do anything to get those.

12/17/19 | Jane hayward

Good value

Good value for money. My shih-tzu loves them ,when i open his treat tin he chooses theae over rest of treats .


Dog loves them but no longer 100%

My dog loves these. I’m disappointed because they used to be 100% chicken but now only seem to be 93%. I’m not a fan of the words “derivatives of vegetable origin” and wish I realised before buying 4 more packs.

10/16/18 | Sue Taff

Love the Ching things

My dog gets bored with most snacks but never tired of Chings. She loves them.

07/23/18 | MISS STEWART



12/05/17 | Lesley Evans

No other treat will do!

My GSD is not food driven, but absolutely loves these treats! She spits other treats out if I try to give her something different and patiently stands by the treats bag until she gets the right one!

09/12/17 | Angela K

Our dog's favourite treat

Our pet has been enjoying these chicken breast strips since he was a puppy. He's now five and they are still his favourite. Pure chicken breast just dried and with nothing added and nothing artificial they are an excellent treat and for small dogs you can break the strips into small pieces. All his friends love them too. While he will turn up his nose at many shop bought treats, he always welcomes these chicken strips from zooplus

02/14/17 | Donna Craig

Fussy pugs love these!

I own pugs & they absolutly love these,I make sure to order them Rocco chings with every order..If I could give these a 10 star rating I would! Very popular treats.

02/06/17 | roobarb

great treat

good for fussy eaters! don't take much chewing, but still a nice healthy treat. lots in the bag!

03/17/16 | Louise

Healthy reward

This are a lovely treat -- good quality and good value for money.

01/16/16 | Wendy Hart ( Just like home 4 pets)

Best treats ever!!!

I run a small but very busy family run home dog boarding business, ALL the dogs absolutely love them. Some have sensitive stomachs, so the 100% chicken is one of the very few treats they can eat!! Wouldn't be without them in the cupboard. Thank you for a super product.

05/03/15 | Wendy

Soooooooooo Very Tasty

My 2 dogs absolutely love these treats. They know which cupboard they are kept in and just sit there looking at the cupboard!!

05/03/15 | vanessa

Easy to break treat that dogs love

This is excellent! You can break it up easily into the tiniest piece :) I still have to come across one dog that does not like it (I am a behaviourist so I have given this to many dogs!) I buy it regularly and many of clients do it too

03/21/15 | Helen

Luki Lishuss!!

Received a packet of these free with my order. My goodness! My two rescue salukis thought all their Christmasses had come at once! Off to order some more....*rattles piggy bank*....*sigh*....it's back to bread and water for the humans in the family then!!!

03/07/15 | Chris

Best dog treat in 22 years of dog ownership!

This has to be the best dog treats I have come across. It is just pure dried chicken with nothing added nothing taken out. Its actually healthy and nutritious so a treat for their tummies too. Both of my dogs are obsessed with these and will run from the end of the garden when the treat door is heard. I would recommend these to all dog owners and especially any with delicate stomachs as they are easy to digest

06/09/14 | Wendy Thacker


My two dogs love these strips of chicken breast. They are the best treat I have ever found and not too fattening!!