11/12/15 | Tatyana

My dog's new favourite

I will be definitely buying it again. It is perfect treat that my puppy loves.


Perfect treats

I cut these up, with strong kitchen scissors into treat sized pieces, to put in my pocket when we go for a walk, they are nice and dry and not too smelly. It encourages my Scottie to actually go for a walk instead of sniffing e-v-e-r-y single blade of grass! Very useful and he loves them and will do just about anything for them, I think they must be very low calories too. Great training aid!

06/08/14 | Liz


My mutts love these. If they're being stubborn, I just say "chick stick" and they suddenly behave! These are the best and safest chicken strips around unlike the poisonous ones from China.

05/14/13 | patricia whitehead

my dogs woof them up

my shitzu and pug absoloutly love these chicken strips they are not fattening so I can give them at any time ,I try to have a good supply in ,and love to see them enjoying these ,try them for your dog you wont be disappointed and your dogs certainly wont be,, patricia

12/05/10 | Stephanie Naylor-Franklin

King Charles' Spaniels' delight in Cookie's delikatess chicken

My King Charles Spaniels (Rupert and Maggie-May) are extremely fussy feeders - especially the little girl who has to be tempted to eat anything. However, they adore these chicken strips and will walk on two legs round the coffee table trying to find some. The little girl will actually steal a strip out of the mouth of her much larger brother much to his dismay but he cannot deny her anything even his favourite food. These treats are taken everywhere with us even on holiday. What pleases me is that they are healthy treats. Thank you so much.



I have a 6 month old dachshound who is a very fussy eater, He these are fantastic he loves them, these and the puppy spagetti are the only treats he will eat and now expects one when we are getting ready to go out. its taken his worry of us leaving him and turned it into a 'yeah they going out im getting a treat'. :)

08/17/09 | Kathy


I bought 2 packs of the strips when I first brought my new puppy home. She adores them and I have to buy them each time I order my canned dog food. A pack does last quite a long time too so they are economical.