Dog prefers the hard kibble

Purchased the soft version as the hard variety was out of stock, my dog ate it for a few days but now refuses to touch it, she is generally happy to eat anything and food in her bowl doesn't last long but with this soft kibble she just ignores it, even mixing it with wet food she still sifts all the kibble out


Change is not for the best - breaking wind badly - very smelly dog

I have always fed my 2 dogs Wolf of the Wilderness, however, my small dog (a rescue I have had for a year and who is now 5 years old) started to not eat his dinner (the Herring version). Tried it for quite a while and dinner became very hit and miss and decided that dinner every other day was not sustainable. Tried the Soft version and he really likes it. However, where with the other food my dog never broke wind he now releases the most dreadful smells. Will need to change again if it persists.


Blue River SOFT

I have used many of the WOW products and my dogs have loved them. Unfortunately I purchased 2 large bags of this new flavour before trial a smaller pack. The 11 year old Labrador ate it for a couple of days but will not touch it now, preferring the other harder bite ones. It does have an extremely pungent smell.


Very good for training

We use it as a reward because it's not crumbly and our dog doesn't just swallow it because it is just the right size. Good alternative to expensive high-quality treats or cheap but low-quality ones. The fish flavour has a strong smell but we don't mind!


Both of my crossbreeds love it!


01/09/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

We only give WoW now

My big girl is very fussy and doesn't really like dry food but she likes the WoW dry food and since I've been feeding it to her she doesn't have diarrhea or wind anymore (only diarrhea every so often). Now she is very happy to have dry food. We try different flavours but always stick to WoW. It also smells very pleasant.

11/07/20 | originally published in zooplus.de


I used to give my collie bosch food. He had really bad breath! With this food his bad breath is gone and he fur has got softer. I mixed the rest of the old bosch food in with this one and after a week his bad breath came back. I'm going to give the rest of the bosch away.

10/25/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

A welcome change

Our Chihuahua girl is very fussy just like it says in the Wolf of Wilderness description. We don't want to give her just dry food and she doesn't like wet food so we looked for an alternative and we found this soft food. Even with this, we spent ages testing them out and giving them away because she didn't like the other flavours. But now she always empties her bowl.

10/10/20 | Debbie Holmes

Not good for my gang

Bought for dogs as the seemed to enjoy small bag bought as treats.Gave then really bad tums .5 poorly dogs not a good result.


GSD's love it.

My 3 GSD's love this semi moist food, along with some Wolf of the wilderness canned food.

08/11/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

So tasty

My German Shepherd has always been picky with food, even Wolf of Wilderness products (I have been feeding this food to him for 5 years). But since Soft Blue River, his bowl is empty in the blink of an eye. Thank you. Yes, it smells a bit. But what stinks for us humans smells good for dogs. And our dogs are important to us.


Really good

Well-accepted and no problems when switching diets.

03/15/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great product

Excellent product!!! but it would be good if the soft variety came without poultry as my dog is allergic. Otherwise I would gladly feed it to her.


My Labrador loves salmon!

My labrador loves fish in general and the Wolf of Wilderness soft kibbles -- so happy that there's now this new flavour! She licked the bowl squeaky clean


Favourite flavour!

This food goes down a treat. Our Wendy lunged at the bowl and ate it all up.