perfect no farting

my puppy went crazy for this food and stopped farting too hurray


1st perfect food, after which the dog (Cane Corso) does not fart like the others and tastes amazing on top of it.

1st perfect food, after which the dog (Cane Corso) does not fart like the others and tastes amazing on top of it.


My dog literally hoovers this food up

My Akita Inu loves this food. It is perfect for his small teeth. And he seems to love the taste compared to other dry foods. It smells quite pleasant.

08/27/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great as a treat

We use this food as treats because the kibble is just too big for Pomeranians. But it is soft :) It has a strong smell of meat. MY dog is hypnotised...


Very good food

Our young girl loves this food lots, it is easier for her to eat than hard foods and I find the smell very pleasant.

06/29/20 | Della


All my 8 small dogs love the semi moist range, I’m so pleased youve now brought out this smaller kibble size the dogs love it, hoping that you’ll soon introduce different flavours to the range,


Great food

Our Chihuahua loves the soft variety and tolerates it very well thanks to the added moisture. We will definitely stick with this food.

05/23/20 | Angie Tucker

Best product for my fussy pup.

It's been a nightmare feeding our border collie pup, she had no interest in food. We tried many brands, inc Eukanuba, Arden Grange, Beta, Pro Plan, etc.. Some she wouldn't touch, others she ate once. When I tried this she ate 5 hand fulls. I tried it for 3 days before buying the large bag and she "wolfs" it down every meal. This has been such a relief.. I do not think it smells bad as others have said, It isn't really soft, just has more.moisture. than most dry foods. It's a hit.


Fab food!

Fab dog food! This food is well tolerated by my dog and he eats it all up. The food smells very fresh and natural, highly recommended.


Pups love it

My pups love this so much I can use it as treats and the ingredients look good.Kibble size is perfect for small breeds.

03/16/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Bowl emptied in a flash

We came across this because of the semi-moist food, perfect for our small dog