07/10/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

My dog loves it

I've bought different varieties of Wolf of Wilderness. My dog usually only eats dry food with cream cheese. She ate this up for I even had a chance to blink. And my dog normally eats very slowly. She seems to really like the taste. I will definitely buy this flavour again.

06/03/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

I can recommend!!!

Very happy with this product. I have 2 dogs (6 and 5 years old) and they enjoy eating it. It seems to be digested very well. It contains just one source of protein, no chicken.

11/12/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

No hidden poultry...

... our dog can't tolerate any food with poultry in. Unfortunately lots of products have it hidden in but not this one. Finally she hasn't had diarrhea or vomited for months now, she has put on weight and her coat is beautiful. I can't believe how much she likes it. We can highly recommend this food!! :)

10/11/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very good food

I decided to buy this food with my loyalty points to give it a go. We have 3 dogs. All 3 ate it up enthusiastically and they are doing well on it.

08/25/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Wolf of Wilderness

Superb food that our pup loves

08/07/20 | Patricia Taylor

Quality grain free food

My dogs have put body on since feeding this and love it- about to reorder - good price for a quality complete

07/19/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Just fantastic!

Just right for my darling, she loves this flavour. This food is very high-quality and digestible. It's also suitable for sensitive dogs because it's grain-free.

07/16/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Happily eaten up!

I got this food with my loyalty points. All 3 of my dogs have gone crazy for it! I'm going to get it again with my next order!



My girl Leonberger knows what she likes in way of food, I have tried several different varieties over the years and this one is her favourite, it goes down really well with my boy Leonberger and Sprocker as well. I have 4 different types of dry food down and this one disappears before the others. I'd give it 5 stars but the price means I can't just have it as the only food



Great food that is well liked by our little doggy. It agrees with her, smells good, and the pieces are a good size. Most importantly it has a single protein source, which is very good for dogs with allergies or other sensitivities!

10/06/19 | originally published in zooplus.it

Not bad

I tried this new Wolf of Wilderness product for the first time, since I usually take their classic product for my dog. At first he was a little apprehensive but he ended up absolutely devouring it.



Before we stumbled across this product almost by chance my 14 month old dog had tried lots of different brands, some very expensive, with at best a firm stool but always suffering from terrible flatulence. Since giving him this, however, he has not only stopped having rotten gas, his stools are perfectly normal and not even smelly anymore. They just have a hint of the food. It's a miracle really.


Totally satisfied

We have been feeding our Labrador this for 3 weeks and we can only recommend it. The ingredients are high quality and not only does our dog love eating it, it also really agrees with her.

09/22/19 | originally published in zoohit.cz


Quality food. We have an American Staffie, and the granules really suit him, and he's not easy to please.


Very well made

I have three dogs, two Labrador/Malinois (2 and 6 years old) and Molosser/Beauceron who is also 2, and they all loved this food. Unfortunately I had to give them it without transitioning from their old food (which had roughly the same composition) but I still did not notice any soft poos or digestive problems. And this despite the fact that the Molosser/Beauceron has a sensitive stomach. If your dog loves lamb, don't hesitate because they will love this .

07/08/19 | originally published in zooplus.de


No hesitation when eating, very nice fur, and optimal stools. Amazing ingredients and recipe. We also think it smells pretty good