06/17/22 | Bob Heaney

Good texture, shame it didn't last

I bought two of these for my 14week old GSD, and whilst the texture was good for her to grip, both of them only lasted a week before the jute fell apart and the stuffing came out.
04/29/22 | Inka

Broke on first training session.

I've got a 20kg Belgian groenedael who is quite gentle with toys. Used this as a reward for tricks (~5 second tug and release) and the black seam broke on the first session. I fixed the seam and next session the loop came off and the end opened fully. Not pleased.

Not for a large dog that chews toys.

Unfortunately if did not last past 5 minutes. My GSD got his teeth into the hessian so had to go to the land of the bin.

Useless for large breeders

I got 2 for my German shepherd dog for using on walks . I needed something to get him to focus on as he has a fear of small dogs. The 1st 1 lasted 10mins into the walk and the second the handle came off 1 minute into the walk and I spent 5 mins making sure he had none of the stuffing in his mouth

5 minute wonder

Bought two of these for our GSD puppies. Fun at first, then pink filling everywhere. I spent more time cleaning up the filling and mess than playing with the pups.

Weak Tug

Used only for tug training with my old tyme bulldog. She is trained to not run off and chew toys when we are playing tug so wasn't left alone with the tug toy. Within the first 2 tugs the handle came off. 5 minutes into training, dropping and tugging, the toy ripped open. Great toy if you want something to put straight in your bin!


Absolute rubbish! Good job it was free. Wasted my reward points on this. Dog chewed and destroyed it within a minute. Don’t waste your money on this item.
12/08/17 | Monika


Looks lovely and strong, but after my labradoodle got it... All stuffing has been removed after 5 minutes, literally. Bit sad that it was only 5 minute joy
09/14/17 | Angela Murray

do not buy

Absolute waste of money. My 2 year old yorkie Russell cross had this destroyed in less than 10 minutes. The stuffing ended up every where and she tried to eat it.
05/25/16 | C Hammond

Not chew-proof!!

Was excited to receive this to train my 1 year old lab, and it was great for training.... for about 15 mins, fore the jute started giving way and fluff came out, all just with supervised retrieving of the dummy! Not good quality at all!

Oh Dear!!

got this for my springer spaniel. thought we would have lots of play time with it. Unfortunately it only remained intact for 15 mins before she had chewed a hole in it and pulled out all the stuffing.(she does this with everything that is stuffed though) I thought being made of jute this would be stronger. Oh well!!


I got this for motivating my female GSD (who's only 28kg, so not big for a Shepherd) at training, and as she was tugging it, then handle came straight out, so it's kind of redundant for it's purpose now as it's not big enough for both of my hands, and her mouth, with there being a safe distance between. I think it'd be fine for less powerful dogs though, as the main body of the toy is still in pretty good condition (obviously a few bite marks, but it's holding together fine).

training tug

this tug is an excellent training aid enjoyed by my GSD who became obsessed with it. It could do with being a little more robust for larger working dogs as I have had other makes that have lasted longer. Two handles would be better than one in order that the handler could hold both handles whilst having a good old tug with the dog. Generally though good value for money.

Training, fun and brushing teeth at the same time!

My puppy loves this toy and I can also train very well with him with that. Apart from that he loves to chew it, and since its natural fibre its great for the teeth too.

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