12/07/21 | Paula

excellent, very light

Nice lead, very light and visible at night. I previously used a training lead like a rope, but it slipped and I got severe rope burn. This one has never slipped off my hand.

Long lead

This product has transformed my dog’s life as it gives him a freedom he could never have on a flexilead. He can now wander at his own pace, sniffing around as he wants but I know I could still get him back if he decided to try to do a .
09/18/20 | Taggie

Useful line

Just used for first time today on my German Wirehaired Pointer, lots of game about so reassurance for me to slow her down a bit...worked well. Good bright colour , got the collar too, going forward is going to be very helpful. Note to self though it still burns if it catches round your ankles🙄😁
08/14/20 | Katrina

Love this lead!

Love this long line. Makes such a difference to not have a muddy and soggy line in the winter. I recommend this to everyone.
06/11/20 | Hilary Wingfield

Great Product

I have a Border Terrier who has a strong chase instinct. For this reason I walk him out in the fields on a long lead. This one is great. It's light and doesn't tangle or get caught on things as my previous cord one did. And the colour means that it is easy to see and avoid.

Brilliant, and high vis which helps to not trip humans over!

Great quality. It doesn't absorb water so it doesn't get heavier like other long lines, meaning the dog doesn't feel more weight whilst using for training. The biothane doesn't get caught in stuff as much as other materials, and when it gets mucky, just wash it under the tap and all the muck just slips off. And, when we're using in the park whilst working on training and recal, or having running loose behind my dog as a backup, the high vis colour prevents tripping up humans!
09/18/19 | Lazz

The LEAD!!

Ordering it for the second time because I left it abroad.... Super efficient, my dog even learned to behave just by watching me hold it!!!

Great long lead

I already have a long lead but it burns through my hand on occasion, not a good idea. This biothane lead feels strong and can be gripped easily without friction also great luminous colour, bonus of a handle on the end.
04/08/19 | Liz M


This is the best long line for dogs ever. It's yellow so they can see it clearly. It's waterproof, light and easy to clean. There is a clever way to tie it up to make it shorter and easier to hang. If you know a professional canine trainer or horse trainer they might show you. I only learned it a few days ago. It's worth asking.

Brilliant product

I've had my biothane long line for four years now, using it first with a dog-reactive lurcher and now with a friendly but selectively deaf Bichon. It's brilliant, doesn't get heavier when it's wet, easy to see in the grass, the clip is secure and it's easy just to rinse off when you get home. I have the 10m one and it's great for giving the dog some freedom to trot, run, sniff etc but still feeling you have them safe.


Have used this for over a year now and very pleased with this lead. Lightweight but strong. Very easy to clean. Doesn't easily get tangled. My dog's recall isn't very good( if she sees a deer) so I use this line attached to a harness. It gives her some freedom but I am still in control. The only modification I made was to cut the loop open. Just in case she did get loose,I didn't want the loop to get caught on a branch.

Decent lead let down by weak clasp

In some ways this lead is good. The 10m length is useful- we occasionally used it in fields or ponds but also used it as a long tether when on holiday and didn't have a secure garden. It doesn't tend to tangle and I like the bright yellow colour which makes it clear he is on a lead. I don't much like the texture because I find it hard to hold but it does clean up easily. However, I can only give it two stars because the clasp broke after just a few months of very occasional use.
04/17/16 | Claire Aston

Brilliant long line

I love this long line, I use it every day to walk my dog-reactive lurcher and it allows him to have an 'offlead' walk in safety. It's lightweight, visible, doesn't bother him and if it gets wet or muddy it doesn't get heavier and just needs a wash under the tap or a wipe with a sponge.
01/22/14 | Gill


Definitely worth every penny. Bought in September last year & used every day on a bouncy & powerful 4 year old Labrador - we tried numerous leads but this has changed our lives. Easily visible, strong with good hand hold - never gets soggy/heavy from wet, quick hose cleans it & rarely tangles. Only concern the smallish clasp but has been fine. Used with a harnsess it has been absolutely perfect for us.
12/11/13 | Agata

the best I've ever used

I have used many long lines as I foster dogs for the rescue kennels I work for, and I am a dog trainer too. Some were better than others but this one is definitely the best. What I love about it is that it does not absorb water, something that used to drive me crazy with other lines. It is quite stiff so it doesn't tangle easily and is visible so when the dog drags it behind I always know where it is. It feels a bit plasticky, not at all like leather, but that does not matter much to me. I've been using it for a few weeks with my young GSD who pulls quite a bit and it's strong and easy to hold on to. Will see how long it lasts, hopefully long, so far there is no sign of wear on it. I would, and will, strongly recommend this product.
03/31/13 | Beryl

More comfortable and less problems than a flexi lead

I bought the 5 metre lead for my 6 month old puppy so I could safely walk him in the park and on the moors without him running up to people and stock. I have a flexi lead but don't like it - it gets tangled up in undergrowth very easily. This lead is ideal. I can let him drag it through muddy puddles knowing that I can rinse it off in a stream. It doesn't get tangled and is very soft on the hands. The puppy doesn't mind the weight of it at all and the colour means the people, especially farmers, can see that he's under control and poses no danger to them.
12/10/12 | Deborah

Biothane lead

I love this lightweight, easy to use lead. I bought the 10m version. I would prefer the lead to be wider, 25mm though. It is extremely tough when you have a big dog pulling on the other end. I use this in preference to a flexi lead but would not use it on the streets.

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