04/12/18 | Kizzy

Comfy Carrier.

I bought this bag for my paralysed Dachshund and there is loads of room inside it for her. The bag is padded well and is comfy, so much so that one off my other dogs went in it and promptly fell asleep! The straps on the bag allow me to wear it as I wanted - across my body. Only negative about the bag is that the "security" band and clip are all wrong. The band is no more than 2 inches long and the clip was not attached as it should be. I can unclip it! I should be able to rectify this.


Best Sausage carrier

I am on my 3rd bag, I love it, dog loves it. All of my sausage dog friends have one now as they are so perfect. I use mine to take my dog to the pub and he is very happy to sit in it all night. He is quite a heavy boy, so I carry him across by body rather than on the shoulder and the bag is durable and handles are very strong. He dives into it when i put it out for him, knowing he is about to go on an adventure.


Nylon travel bag

I bought this for my chihuahua puppy and would have been happy overall except that the security catch/lead inside was all of 2inches? So the bag is designed for a larger dog and to hook at the collar- as chihuahua's should not use collars due to their fragile necks- they use harnesses this product will have to be altered to extend the security lead- also, the bag is quite deep so even if I were to put a lead on my chihuahua which I wouldn't do! It would be long enough anyway- I have two other bags and the security lead is at least 8-10 inches on each- so this product disappoints - on review of the actual bag - larger than my current bags so good/ wish the fleece lining could be removed ( to wash and for summer- too warm) - thebags good quality tho- just one/two glaring improvement cements I think need to be made

03/17/15 | Christine Harrison

'Practically perfect in every way......'

I bought this to carry my bichon puppy in when she gets tired when out walking. The bag is well made and Dulcie loves it and is warm and cosy as she is carried along watching the world go by! The only criticism I have, is that the straps are only long enough to go onto one shoulder which makes it more difficult to carry. I thought the straps would have adjusted to be long enough to become an across the body strap but they don't; and the position of the existing strap loops make it impossible to attach an additional long strap. This is such a simple thing for the manufacturers to change which would then make this bag absolutely 100%

07/12/14 | Jo Vaughn


We have a whippet puppy and he can't go out until his vaccinations are completed. We bought this so he can come out with us and socialise without being at risk of being on the ground. The bag looks stylish, looks expensive despite its cheap price and is very well made. Practical side pocket as well as removable water or food bowl. Excellent purchase. Delivered in SUPERFAST time. Thank you.

05/29/13 | Kinga

I highly recommend this product.

I was looking for a bag for my morkie and saw a quite big variety of bags on websites and ebay, usually more expensive. That was hard decision but decided to order this one and I and my morkie are very satisfied with that choice. Bag is very confortable, soft, warm. Has toy to play, protect carabiner, removable bottom pad, mobile bowl, pocket and important for me, unisex, matching to anything colour and adjustable shoulder straps and all this for a very low price. I highly recommend this product.

08/16/12 | mandy

amazing product

bought this for my pocket yorkie puppy.superbly made with high quality materials he absolutely loves it.superb value and quality which is the standard set by zooplus.a must buy for toy and pocket size puppies and dogs. thanks zooplus from roly and myself.


Perfect :-)

Our mini schnauzer loved it! Thanks to this bag he was able to be out and about getting used to noises on the school run, the traffic and socialising with many humans! It gave him confidence and made him less jumpy when he was fully vaccinated and able to have paw time on the pavements, the heath and the shops. He out grew it very fast, we had about three to four months use of it at the most. We could not have done it without the bag. It was also excellent for vet visits and on rainy days he was still with me but safe and dry. Oh the buses too!

09/02/10 | Charlotte, Daniel and Lancelot

not just a bag !

We wanted to get our kitten Lancelot used to it before taking him outside and so we left the bag at his disposition inside our home. Since then he has been using it as his favorite toy, using it to hide, sleep, even fight with it and we couldn't imagine it would have brought him so much fun ! We do take him outside in it sometimes but clearly the purpose of this great item is not there now : it is our kitten's favorite hiding place/lair !

04/07/10 | mrs j barber

lovely bag

For price ,comfort ,well made and wonderful value I have a yorkie puppy ,who is a bit small for bag at the moment but with a blanket she fits in very well and really enjoys being carried in it.I must say thank you for the very quick delivery ,and so well packed to.From one very happy puppy and her mum.

07/13/09 | sw

Smart product but...

Bought this for our new puppy so she could come on longer walks with our other dog. We just pop her in the bag when she gets tired. It looks good but the zip used at the top is too lightweight for the bag's purpose. Also smaller puppies can attempt to wriggle out of the head opening so it's very important to keep a close eye on them.

06/12/08 | Margeret Theobald

Dog Bag

Normally I can't go outside with my dog on colder days, because he just shivers himself to death. With this shoulder dog bag I can go out in the dead of winter, and my little guy feels just like he was sitting beside a campfire during summer. Of course his whiskers get a bit frosty, but seriously I would recommend this dog bag not only because it keeps my dog comfortable, but also rides comfortably on my shoulder.

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