10/10/20 | Jo

Not for my cats

My cat never want drink from that. Cheap and poor.

07/08/19 | Gina


Used it for water they knocked it over so tried for food the same, also way too small. Glad I didn’t pay for it

08/17/17 | Rita


The food does not come out when the bowl is empty, you have to shake the cup, pointless really if you want to leave your cats overnight!


Not good for food!

Someone wrote that her cat lets her know if the food hasn't trickled down as it should, but that's no use if you're using it for when you are away! Most people who give this 5 stars seem to have been using it for water - I haven't tried that yet, but for food (quite small kibble too) it's absolutely useless! Like others, I've ended up with a full thing of it all over the kitchen floor, and when you finally do get it filled it (a flat top might help here) it just doesn't work. Once the bowl was empty I had to shake it to get more to come down (obviously my cat isn't advanced enough to do that!). Then I tried raising the back end on a bit of wood so gravity might help - still no use! Complete waste of money for food - might as well just fill a giant bowl up if you go away. I will try it for water and maybe (hopefully) write a more positive review.

01/22/07 | John Swallow

Good idea, but an extremely poor design

've just received two of these today for my cats, one to be a water bowl, the other for the dried biscuits. I'm either being incredibly stupid or it's very poor design, but there is no way to fill these up from the top. The only way they can be filled is by filling them up, putting them in the base upside down and then inverting the whole thing. So far, I've had a full tub of biscuits all over the floor and water everywhere. Not impressed.