10/27/21 | Sofia

Amazing, reliable and cat can’t break it

It is a great feeder as I like to give my cat a variety of food which is can separate in the hidden 4 compartments. I haven’t used it for wet food so removed the weighted ice packs. I have been using it for 3 months and it has always worked! It means I get a lie in at the weekends! My cat could be sleeping away but the moment the feeder goes off she runs for it!! Great that the hatch stays open until the next feed. Easy to clean and, besides all, very reliable!

11/01/19 | Liz, Manchester

Brilliant piece of design

Very good quality materials have been used to make this cat feeder; it feels good and performs well. Best of all, the timer is SO easy to use and to adjust. An excellent product.

09/07/18 | Aleksandra

Live server

I'm a care assistant and I do 12 hours shifts it really help me to stop worried about my cat meals because not always I can fully reliable on family and friends. We love it. I also bought extra ice packs to safe time.


Great device

Works perfectly, would buy again. Easy programming

06/06/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

Breakproof feeding machine suitable for 2 cats

The C500 Automatic Feeder is everything I've been looking for in a pet feeder. I have 2 C500s both working at the same time, since I have 2 cats. They are so accurate that if both are set to the same schedule, they both open at the exact same second (unlike other machines) Feeding time can be adjusted with an accuracy of 10 mins. I only use it with dry food and the cats can smell it and try to break in. So far nothing has happened between mealtimes, except for a few scratches on the feeder. The motor is great and strong enough that the cats can't turn it further to get extra food. It turns relatively quietly. All in all, a good machine perfect for dual feeding.

05/27/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

Best automatic feeder

I have 2 of these for both my cats. Super easy to use, cat-burglar-proof and above all - also suitable for wet food. Up to 4 meals can be programmed. Definitely would recommend - easy cleaning and filling

05/21/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

GREAT - finally one that really works

Works flawlessly. My 6 year old cat started using the machine at once and has given up trying to break into it after a few unsuccessful attempts. Programming it is very easy and fast, which means you can remove the batteries when not using it for long periods of time. Cleaning is also really simple. Food remains fresh for several hours even without a cold pack.


Very easy and reliable

I've bought a few automatic feeders for my cats: they were difficult to programme and weren't reliable. This feeder is easy to programme, difficult to break into and is very reliable. As the first tray is already open it allows you to prepare 4 meals to be given out at 4 times a day. The compartments are large enough and it's the compartments that rotate, not the cover. There's also a battery warning that tells you when the battery is low. GREAT!