Brilliant for messy eaters!

My cat is a messy eater and loves to move his food out of the bowl which was proving a bit of a pain to clean, This however is brilliant, catches virtually everything and wipes clean super easy. Only negative is the weird bow shape, wish it was a rectangle so could pick up more food?
07/12/20 | Michaela

Useful product for slobby eaters

I definitely think this is one of the better kitchen feeding items I bought - the colour is unfortunate as all the dirt you can see but would still buy again. Can be washed in dishwasher easy - but other colours would be welcomed!
05/12/20 | Koko

Can put 6 small bowls

We have two cats so I was looking for a bigger placemat where I can put one wet food bowl, one dry food bowl and one water bowl for each cat. This is a perfect solution!
10/25/19 | Katy J.

Excellent product

This is excellent for stopping my cat's water and food dishes slipping around on the hard floor. It protects the flooring by catching all spills. Even better, it desiccates any wet food spillage very efficiently, making it super-easy to clean - just brush the dried remains away. It's probably the best cat accessory I've ever bought - highly recommended!
07/02/17 | Lau

Perfect for water bowls!

I recently bought a new water fountain because my boy only drinks running water. However, he also digs in water and I was worried about spillage. Despite a lot of spillage, all that has happened is this mat has flooded but contained all of the water saving our carpets from being soaked regularly. Highly recommended.
01/14/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great placemat!

I've bought something similar from somewhere else before, and I've been looking for a second one for quite some time. Finally I found what I was looking for here at Zooplus! The bowls stand safely and even when there's a bit of spillage it stays on the mat thanks to the edges. Easy to clean. 5 stars for value for money.
01/12/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Top placemat

I can only recommend this placemat, it's very robust, doesn't slip and is easy to clean. We've bought several others before, which have eventually turned into bin fodder. You can tell that the manufacturer of this product has really listened to the needs of the customers.
01/08/15 | originally published in zooplus.de


Great product - I ordered it for my feeding machine but unfortunately I forgot to notice that this mat is thinner in the middle. As my dog uses the Northmate Green because he is such a fast eater, his bowl is just too big to fit on this mat - would like this article in a standard size and with straight edges.

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