02/10/20 | Blue Dog

Not a happy hound

Cheap Chinese copy? The badge isn’t on the front of the bed received as shown in the photos on the webpage. The quality of the finishing on the corners isn’t as good as one purchased 2015. After removing the new mattress bed from the cover it’s immediately evident that it’s not as thick as the old one by 10mm also feels of a lot lesser quality. It’s the same for the bumper rolls which in the case of the new one doesn’t even seem to be memory foam! As far as I’m concerned it’s a refund job!
12/31/18 | Alison

Best bed ever!

I bought this bed 5 years ago for my arthritic collie and she has lived another 5 years because of it and is now nearly 17. It helps her joints, is comfortable and easily cleaned. And its lasted a lot longer than any other beds I've bought for my other dogs, thereby paying for itself many times over.
05/15/18 | Lee

Fanstastic high quality bed and great value for money

I’ve had 2 large heavy British bulldogs diving on & off this, fighting, playing, sleeping all day & night & this bed is still going strong.! I cannot recommend this bed highly enough.! Previously we had paid £60+ for other beds from pets at home & they lasted our bulldog puppy 2 minutes & not from chewing just from her weight. it was squashed & split open in no time at all.! This bed is bigger, better & much more comfortable! We’ve had no issues with split seams at all, it’s just perfect 👌🏾

Very comfortable bed

Have only just received this bed so can't comment on durability. My old viszla was starting to get a bit stiff when getting out of his old bed. He loved this bed immediately. Loads of room to stretch out. Could probably fit another dog on it !
05/04/17 | Tina green


Bought for my elderly bull terrier he loved it and it seemed ideal but when I had new laminate floor laid I discovered to my horror that the bed had caused moisture leaving wet on both the floor and the bottom of the bed.
12/30/16 | yvonne

brilliant our 3 dogs love it

we have a 2 year old border collie, a 2 year old shepherd cross and an 8 year old jack russell terrier, all 3 are rescue dogs and they all love this bed that our daughter gave us, so much so, that i've now had to order another one so they all get to sleep on one !
11/10/16 | ian jemmett

stitching coming apart

comfortable , good design and easy to clean . Unfortunately the stitching is very poor and has come apart in 3 places . This is unacceptable for a bed costing £70.
06/30/15 | Ken Howard

Good looking bed....but!

Very nice looking bed but as someone has already said you cannot make your dog sleep on it so it really doesn't get much use :) My main gripe (hence 3 stars)and to which I've written to Zooplus about is the stitching has started to come undone on the end of the bed! We've only had the bed some 6 months and being that my dog isn't laying/sleeping on it that much it's very poor quality.
05/20/15 | Caroline Norman

Really lovely bed

I got this bed recently and I have to say it really is a lovely bed. Very well made and dogs love it.
01/12/15 | Sassy

Supurb Bed

We bought this bed after doing a fair bit of research. We have a yellow lab who's getting on in age and as started getting a bit stiff when she's on our bed or her other tattered bed. The quality of this bed is fantastic, the mattress is great and Chyanne loves it. We hoped this new bed would help her stay in her own bed at night instead of constantly waking us up to get on our bed. It took her a couple days to actually get over her suspicion of it, as she isn't fond of changes but after putting a sheet from our bed that was due to be laundered on her bed, she got over her suspicion and decided it was pretty darn comfy.While she's not sleeping through the whole night, she's spending most of the night in her bed. I also find her snoozing there in the daytime too. She doesn't feel the need to dig like she's done with all her other beds, which I take as an indication of it being comfortable. She seems to have much more energy and is pretty active right away in the morning rather than getting up slowly. She seems to have less stiffness and aches as well. For that alone the price of the bed was worthwhile. Chyanne has severe allergies, so bad that we have to give her 2 vaccine injections a month with a vaccine made from her own blood. This bed is proving fantastic for her allergies, she's not scratching anywhere near as much and I put this down to the leather like outer being so easy to clean, but I highly recommend a blanket on the bed during the winter as the outer bit does get quite chilly til their body has warmed it up. Thankfully Chyanne loves cuddling with a blanket and this isn't a problem. I'm sure it will be wonderful in the summer as it will help her cool down when she's too warm. Chyanne would highly recommend this bed to anyone (as would the cat who loves to snuggle on it when the dog isn't watching) and keeping our pets happy and as pain free as possible is important to us, so we highly recommend this bedding as well. Hubby did balk at the price when I first showed it to him, but even he agrees that the bed is worth the price. He's actually contemplating getting another to have out in the living room or kitchen so she's got something comfy out there to lay on and still be with the family. We purchased the largest size and this fits her well when she's stretched out, but when she's napping, she tends to curl into a ball so I think the 2nd one will be a smaller one so it's not taking up quite so much room. If you are looking at this bed for your beloved pooch and hesitating because of the price, let me assure you, it's worth the price and your dog will love it! :)
10/20/14 | charlene hazelwood

great bed,my dogs love it!!!

This bed is great for my British Bulldog as he virtually sleeps all day on our sofa!the covers are easy to keep clean and wipe down, I am now going to order a second bed for my little French Bulldog so they can have a bed each as my british bulldog is a bit of a bed hog!!
09/15/14 | Madge

Just ordered a second one for dog no 2.....

Took my old dog a couple of days to get used to it..(does not like change at age 13 !). But he looks so comfortable on it.. Just ordered a second one for young dog..its so easy to wipe over ..hoping will reduce doggy smell in kitchen and was fed up of washing cushions and bedding continually. The Divan Wellness Dog sofa, looks good, dog looks very happy and its easy to keep clean..excellent product

Gorgeous Design but Flimsy Stitching!

I would have rated this dog bed 5*+ if if only the manufacturers had included durability in the equation!The support & comfort offered by this dog-bed is second to none.Once my Great Dane had overcome her fear of the new bed being a different shape to her old one, she happily lounges on this for hours & sleeps all night on it.Fair enough, she can't quite fit all limbs on if she stretches out full length,but easy-clean, odour-free & drool proof is definitely a winner all round from an owner's point of view.However, at weekend I noticed the front, top seam is coming unravelled!We've only being using this bed since the end of May,so to say I'm disappointed is an understatement!For the price & quality of the materials I really expected this dog-bed to last years not weeks.
06/15/14 | Jan Alexander

You can buy the bed but you can't make them use it

I bought the bed in the hope that my elderly, arthritic Airedale would use it in preference to my sofas, on which he spends most of the day to the detriment of both himself and the furniture. The bed looks good. I knew it would be bulky and was prepared to accept that, if it worked. It didn't work. He won't use it, and it is now cluttering my room to no avail. A total waste of a lot of money.
02/21/14 | Angelina Anderson


Just received this bed today in large for one of our German Shepherds and it's gorgeous! Plenty big enough and she hasn't moved off it once!! Delivery was quick no problems at all. I wish they made an XL for my other shepherd but he prefers a cold floor!

Excellent dog bed

My dogs love this bed - the support it gives them around 2 sides is a bonus too - I purchased the largest side and its big enough to fit a large German Shepherd and a Labradoodle together when they cuddle up

Stylish and comfy

Got this in the large size for my 5yr old golden retriever and he loves it. I put a throw on it in the winter and will leave it with no cover in the summer months. It looks great in the bedroom and he sleeps soundly all night. It's memory foam and has kept it's shape really well and should last a long time. Thinking of getting another one to have downstairs. Best dog bed I've ever bought, and have had a few!
09/25/13 | Simone

simply great

So our dogs love the bed, they sleep really great on it! Maybe needed the bigger one, but for the price it is world class! It's totally easy to maintain looks great and is really a fine bed. A great eye catcher!

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