Broke on first use

The webbing that the ring for lead clip attaches to/runs along broke on the first use, leaving dog suddenly unattached, highly dangerous - just very glad we weren't near a road.

05/15/20 | Kim

Great belt

Purchased as first canicross belt and it really comfortable. I was worried about the leg looos but I don't even notice them. It's a nice low pull when my springer is pulling, really happy.


Comfortable running belt

Easy to adjust. Comfortable to wear when the dogs pulling. Nice low down pull, really happy. Only downside is I can't fit a phone and house keys in the pocket but that's ok it's because phones are getting bigger!

05/06/17 | Sarah Miller

Great first canicross belt

I've just started out with my lad and didn't want to spend a lot on something unless I started to get really into the whole canicross thing. I'm a size 16, with "childbearing" hips and I find things like this are normally not designed to fit the larger person but no problems with this belt :-) It fits nice and low on the waist, doesn't seem to ride up due to the leg straps and the pocket in the back is nice and big (I can fit my Samsung 6 in there) I'm not particularly elegant stepping into it, but hopefully that will improve with practice! Really comfy to run in and as its so low, so you're almost sitting in it, it means I can sit back a bit when I need help to slow my spaniel down (normally when he spots a squirrel!)


Great value Canicross Belt

My 1st proper Canicross Belt, it's brilliant, didn't want to spend too much on one as was unsure how I would get on with the leg straps, and it's great, would definitely recommend it.