07/05/16 | SMM


Looking at the other reviews, these treats seem to be like marmite, cats either love or hate them. Mine loves them since I first tried them. I give my ragdoll the chicken and fish flavours (and he follows me around the house if he sees me holding the packet!) but will be trying the others too. The pack seems small but the pieces are actually quite big, so I tend to break them up when I give them to him.

06/14/16 | Marianne

Cats go crazy for them!

Our vet gave our kittens these when they went for their first jabs and they liked them so we bought a few tubes. Now they LOVE them and go absolutely nuts just when we shake the tube!

09/02/15 | Sarah

His favourite!

Thrive treats are great because they are healthy and versatile. They are simply freeze dried meat so they have no grain or rubbish filler ingredients and they can be crunched up as a topper for wet or dry food. My cat is VERY fussy but these are always a hit. He also has a sensitive stomach but these do not ever make him sick. They are also ideal for putting in puzzle feeders. Simply a fantastic product!

06/12/15 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Great treats.

I wanted to be able to give my diabetic cat an occasional treat...and recently discovered Thrive cat treats. Jaffa absolutely loves the tuna flavour and even after the short time he's had them, he recognises the tube! I'm going to send for more so that I have them in the house when I want to treat him.