Excellent product

My cats go absolutely crazy over these, and work really well for training
01/14/22 | Tom

Our cat goes crazy for this!

Our Maine Coon Oscar really looks forward to this treat! No matter where he is in the house, as soon as he hears the packet rattle, he’s there like a shot! Favourite toys are dropped instantly for this! lol The tuna loin is a 100% solid piece of tuna fish in a pack! Superb food!
01/07/22 | Tom

Lovely Quality & a HUGE hit with Oscar!

Our Maine Coon Oscar definitely loves his food. But these have taken him to another level! As soon as I opened the pack... he was at my feet trying to get it. The Tuna loin itself is very compact and free from all the usual fishy oils etc... So it breaks up nicely in his bowl. He literally went mad for this and cleared his bowl in less than a minute!! Relatively expensive by comparison to other treats but as a once or twice a week treat, our boy is worth it!
09/27/21 | Alex

A revelation!!

I'll be saving these for a special treat because they disappear instantly. (.......am i the only one who thinks they smell pretty good for cat food?)
03/16/21 | Martina


The screams I hear when I open a packet is unreal. They just love this.
02/15/21 | Jenny

Demolished in seconds!

I got this tuna loin with some points as a freebie and all 3 of my cats went nuts as soon as they smelled it!! Between the 3 of them, the whole thing was gone in seconds!! I’ll definitely be getting this again for them!
12/29/20 | Porsha

Loves this

My cat loves this loin, a healthy treat/food. Shame she doesnt like the other 2 flavours Zooplus please stock the mackerel flavour, she loves it. Everythings salmon, her hate
12/18/20 | Porsha

Big hit

Porsha loves the tuna, hates the salmon and beef shame they don't do mackerel. The smell of tuna hits you as you opening the packet. and she comes running. It's a healthy tasty treat
11/04/20 | Amy

Perfect monthly treat!

My girl goes crazy for these!! She’s tried both tuna and salmon and she loves them both. Only has them as a monthly treat along side her daily dry food and they don’t disappoint. When she hears me coming upstairs with the food she goes crazy as she can smell it straight away. My girl isn’t picky but would recommend for anyone with a fussy cat 😁will be buying regularly
08/19/20 | Angie Davidson


My last Bengal cat loved this and even when she was sick and wouldn't eat anything else she would eat this. My current Bengal cat also absolutely loves it, she would literally sell her soul for some tuna loin. As soon as she hears me open the fridge door she appears. I'm using it to reach her tricks and it's working!
07/09/20 | Christine Rees


All these Applaws products are amazing... Our dog and cat love all 3 flavours, they smell great too..just like ours I'm sure it is the same thing.. We are now putting her tablets in on the morning before she gets her breakfast as she doesn't know that her tablets are in the tuna and salmon it makes it easier for her to take whilst enjoying the treat... or meal in some cases... I can't speak highly enough of these products go on give them a try your pet will love them...
06/02/20 | Maripau

It's been a success!!!!

My cat and kitten really loved it! They went crazy when they smelled it!!! I've never seen them like that before! They even licked the bowl and my fingers when they finished and asked for more! I will definitely buy it again. :)

Tuna loin

My cats Love it and I want what's best and this product is perfect
03/13/20 | J.C. UK

Disappears almost instantly!

Initially I has this as a freebie with points - the second I opened the packet both cats went a tad crazy for it. Never seen them eat something so fast & still want more! It's a monthly treat now or a treat after doing their necks with Anti-flea medication!!
02/09/20 | KitKat2Cats

Tuna Loin - What a treat!

I bought this for my cat for Christmas! Wow, I have NEVER seen such terrible manners for grabbing food. The second the wrapper had allowed the tuna out into the air it felt as if I had 50 cats not 2! I think I saw the "BIG" cat in both of them with this treat, it vanished quickly and my biggest but youngest "hoovered" up any stray morsels he could find. Fantastic to see them enjoy a treat so much. Am buying it again!
07/20/19 | Paul Corrigan

9 month old Bengals love it

Nice great weaning towards solids, we just break it up. Quality than
02/18/19 | Jo


My 7yr old Bengal absolutely loves these. They don't last 5 minutes once it's put down for her. They're good value for money, and great as a tasty treat rather than the normal kibble bits.

Tuna loin

My 2 Maine coon just love these, they eat every bit , would help if a little cheaper

Tasty tuna treat

Both of my cats loved this tasty fishy product, one of them is a fussy eater, but she took one sniff at it, next second she ate the treat in no time...

My cat scoffed this down!

My cat is normally a slightly picky eater, especially with treats. this tuna loin was well packaged, kept well, smells fishy which was very enticing for for my kitty. This was a special treat for him for tolerating us trying to get his nails clipped and he absolutely loved it.

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