Made both my cats sick

Ordered these believing they would be a healthy treat for my two beautiful cats, but after feeding them these chicken snacks, they were both violently sick…total waste of money as I ordered 6 tubes and never gave them to my poor babies again

02/16/16 | mogsworth

Very unimpressed cat :(

These snacks are a great idea, natural product, large chunks sounds ideal for my nfc. I think the main problem for my boy is they don't smell of anything, not sure he knows they are food! Have tried mixing into wet food but he just eats round them. Have given the spare to a friend, and her cats won't eat them either...


More like cardboard than chicke

Looked and smelt like cardboard. The tube was probably more appetising than the treats. Was looking forward to letting my cat try these but he wasn't interested in the slightest. Took one smell then looked at me as if I had took a poop in his litter tray.