Cats love this, and it’s good for them!

We have been giving our 3 cats this for some time now. Took a week or so to transition from wet to dry food, but now they love it! It is grain free and has a good balance of ingredients, which seem to suit our cats much better than wet food ever did. As a bonus, no more stinky poo in the litter tray! Highly recommended, just remember to supply plenty of fresh drinking water if you are changing from wet to dry food, as they will no longer get hydrated from the food. Five stars!

11/19/17 | Gillian


I bought this as a special, 3 bags for the price of 2, because the reviews were so positive. I have 4 adult cats and not one of them will eat this. I've tried mixing in other dry cat food but they refuse to even consider it. I have had to order other dry food to replace this and have over 2 bags left.

10/25/17 | Charlotte Hjort

Makes my cat sick

My cat will happily chow down on this as it obviously smells tasty, but without fail half an hour later she is sick. I have tried this on three separate occasions to be sure, in case she had been poorly/eaten something funny whilst out and about...but unfortunately I am left in no doubt that this is the cause. It is quite strange as I also feed her Feringa Meat Menu wet food which is a high-protein rich food and this causes no issues.

07/01/17 | Lucy Beaghen

I always get this for a while now

I have been giving this to the grain free cats for a while now and it does seem to agree with them although they are very discreet with their bathroom habits! I get the other favours too but this is always the default favour as they both love it, thank you turkeys!

02/03/17 | Shell

Fantastic grain free food

Our Cat needs grain free food so after lots of research I discovered this food. I tried the trail pack first it was a hit and she no longer had loose motions. We also give our kitten this he's had it from around 4 months old. It is a very big hit in our house.