05/18/19 | Judith

I hate the new pump head

The pump head is a constant battle to use and I use to buy this brand all the time, but now I'm going to try a different brand!

03/29/19 | Melissa rose

Please change to the pump again

Both my Rotties love this and their coats are lovely and shines and their skin flake free. My only negative is that doing 113 sprays for each of my dogs is exhausting! The pump was so much better. I have to use a spoon now which means my measurements are most likely off. Please consider changing the spray nossal as this would have been 5 star.

10/10/18 | ruts66

Great oil, but why replace the pump...?

I've been using this product daily for nearly two years and have always been satisfied with the health benefits it brings my WH Vizsla. But, why on earth change the proven metered pump delivery for a fine spray nozzle which randomly sends oil all over the place...?